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Accessibility Resources

Find out how AT&T supports accessiility in your community

The AT&T Commitment

At AT&T, accessibility is more than a word - it's a pledge to provide wireless products and services our customers need. From working with vendors and the AT&T Advisory Panel on Access & Aging to providing alternate billing formats, we're committed to creating accessible solutions for everyone.

iPhone Accessibility

The Apple® iPhone® opens up new possibilities for access to technology. Get iPhone accessibility details.

Product and Service Highlights General Resources
Landline Accessibility Solutions
Hearing Aid Compatibility
Relay Services
TTY-compatible phones
AT&T Accessibility plans
AT&T Mobile Accessibility for Android
Video Description for U-verse TV
Wireless, Wireline and U-verse Customer Support for Disability and Aging Customers
AT&T Advisory Panel on Access & Aging
411 directory assistance and Data Exemption Form

Mobile Accessibility

About AT&T Mobile Accessibility
Information on AT&T
Mobile Accessibility and
accessibility features
available on Android

Learn more

Apps from AT&T

AT&T U-verse Easy Remote
Latest U-verse enabled App
features simple access to key
features of the U-verse
remote control, with
a strong focus on

Learn more

Our Advisory Panel

The AT&T Advisory Panel
on Access & Aging (AAPAA)
provides advice and
counsel on accessibility

Learn more

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