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AT&T Mobile Accessibility for Android

Developed by the accessibility experts at Code Factory for blind and low vision users of Android-powered smartphones.


For a limited time, AT&T Mobile Accessibility is free to
customers using Android 2.1 or later.

Mobile Accessibility


11 Applications

Suite includes Phone, Contacts, SMS, Alarm, Calendar, Email, Web, Where am I, Apps, Settings, simplified interface with Nuance Vocalizer voice synthesis, and more.


What You Can Do with AT&T Mobile Accessibility Suite

  • Phone – Make and answer calls, hear caller ID, manage your call log.
  • Contacts – Manage contacts including social networks such as Facebook®.
  • SMS – Compose and read short messages and manage conversations.
  • Alarms – Set alarms.
  • Web – PC-like Web browser experience. Navigate by links, paragraphs, headings, forms, etc. Bookmark favorite sites.
  • Calendar – Create, edit, and delete calendar entries. View events by day, week, or month.
  • Email – Full access to your Gmail account.
  • Where am I? – GPS application for instant updates on your current location.
  • Music Player – Intuitive interface automatically lists music files on memory card. Sorts by artist and album.
  • Apps – Access list of apps installed on your Android phone.
  • Settings – Configure feedback and notifications to vibrate or audio; change ringtone, keyboard echo, punctuation verbosity, speech pitch and rate, and more.

  • You also get quick access to date and time, and phone status such as battery level and network coverage, number of missed calls and unread messages.

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Touch navigation
Use AT&T Mobile Accessibility with trackball, keyboard, or touchscreen. Simply move your finger around the screen and the voice synthesis reads text under your finger. You can also swipe up/down/right/left and tap on the screen to navigate through the interface. You can easily enable sound/vibration feedback.

Easy text input
Choose touch QWERTY keyboard or speech recognition that lets you input text and SMS and email quickly and easily using your voice.

Voice synthesis
AT&T Mobile Accessibility uses Nuance Vocalizer as its voice but fully supports the Android Text-To-Speech API. Any voices on your smartphone including those pre-installed can be used.

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More Information

Learn more about AT&T Mobile Accessibility at Code Factory.

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