Activate Your Device

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Replacing Your Phone?

Stop Are you replacing your phone?
If you already have wireless service with AT&T and you have the SIM card from your previous phone, all you need to do is insert the SIM card into your new phone and you are all set. You do not need to activate your new handset.

If you are replacing your phone and do not have the SIM card from your previous phone, or you are replacing a lost or stolen phone, please read the "Need a SIM Card?" directions on the right side of this page.

In support of the Consumer Safety & Stolen Device initiative, AT&T does not allow the use of stolen devices on our network.

To Begin Activation, Enter Your SIM Card Number

To activate your new service, enter your SIM card number. Then, select Continue.

The SIM Card number is located on the credit card sized plastic card that came with your device. It has a small punch-out card in the middle - this punchout is the actual SIM card. The SIM Card number is printed under the barcode as shown below and starts with the numbers '89'.

Find the SIM Card number under the barcode starting with the numbers 89

Find SIM Card Number

You can find the SIM Card number on the outside of the package on a white label with bar codes. Look for the letters "ICCID" and then a long number.

You can also find the SIM Card number by following these steps:

  1. Turn off your device.
  2. Take the battery cover off the back of device.
  3. Remove the battery and look for a small rectangle card.
  4. Look for a number printed on the card starting with the numbers 89. This is your SIM Card number.

Need a SIM Card?

It's easy! Just go to an AT&T store to purchase a new one.