Search for Foundation Accounts

While you view any page in eBill can search for any Foundation Account that you have access to by using the Search Account  feature.  To view the eBill Search page, click Search Account next to the Account Context Indicators . The search is initiated by entering the entire Foundation Account Number (including any leading zero's) in the search functionality. When eBill finds the Foundation Account requested, it will set the Foundation Account in context, including resetting the billing period to be the most current billing period available for that account. The user shall be directed the eBill homepage.

All users except Wireless Users can access the Search Account  link.  For Wireless Users, the link shall not be presented.  Only Company Administrators can search for and select a Foundation Account. Billing Account Managers and Wireless Users roles cannot select Foundation Accounts.


Search for Foundation Accounts by number

1.      From any page in eBill, click Search Account. You'll be redirected to the Search page where a drop-down list includes the search options.

2.      In the drop-down box, select Foundation Account.

3.      Enter the Foundation Account Number in the text box located to the right of the drop-down list.  Foundation Account Numbers are always eight digits.  Any leading zeroes must be entered.

    Search entries must be numeric values only. Wildcard searches (*) are not supported. A search will be executed against the latest billing cycle loaded to eBill. Results are not returned for wireless numbers or accounts recently added to the profile but not yet billed. This also applies to wireless numbers or accounts that are no longer billed in the current cycle. To access historical accounts that remain within the user’s permissions , navigate to View Bill and then select a previous billing period for the Foundation or Billing account you want.

4.      Click Go. The page will redirect to the eBill homepage or will remain on the Search page if no matching account is found.  If no matching account is found, the billing entity currently in context shall remain in context.  If a match is found, the context shall be changed to the requested Foundation Account, while also placing in context on the eBill homepage the most current billing period for the selected Foundation Account


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