Tables are used in several areas throughout eBill when multiple records need to be displayed.  The top of the table contains column descriptions showing what data is displayed.  Each subsequent row represents a different entity.  Tables can contain Billing Accounts, Wireless Numbers, Call Detail Records, Alerts, Payments, Reports, Custom Hierarchies or a number of other items.

All tables in eBill support pagination  whenever there are a large number of items to display (currently > 10 rows).  To the right of the table title you'll see which elements appear on the current page, and how many elements are in the entire list.

Four links are available to navigate between pages in the same table.  From any page you can navigate to the first page in the table, the previous page in the table, the next page in the table or the last page in the table.

To navigate to the first page in a table, click:

To navigate to the last page in a table, click:

To navigate to the previous page in a table, click:

To navigate to the next page in a table, click:

For all tables in eBill, you can change the order in which items are listed by sorting  the columns.  Columns can be sorted in ascending or descending order when the sort icon appears in the column header.   The sort icon resembles an up and down arrow in a small box.

    You can only sort online tables by one column at a time.  For more complex sorting, export the table to Excel.

Examples of the sort icon:

For tables that let you select one or more items in the table, there are icons to select all or deselect all from the table header.

Examples of select all/deselect all icons:

In addition, all tables can export their contents to Excel.  The export to Excel  includes all the items that appear in a table, not just the single page currently displayed.  To export a table, click the Excel icon located to the top left of the table.  eBill will try to send an Excel file to your computer, a dialog box appears, asking you to open or save the file.

Export to Excel icon:


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