View Current Data Usage Details for a Wireless Number

For each wireless number, you can use eBill to view the data usage detail from the current bill period (unbilled data usage).  The data usage details will display all of the data usage records for the current billing period prior to billing.  This includes usage that has been made by the wireless device but is not yet associated with an invoice.  As this usage is before billing, there are no charges associated with the usage details presented in this view.  For each data usage record eBill will include:

§         Date and time of the usage

§         Number sent to/received from

§         Type of data usage (Text Message, MEdiaNet, Data Connect, etc.)

§         Number of units (e.g. Kilobytes  (KB), Megabytes  (MB), Messages (Msg), Minutes (Min))

§         In/Out indicator (I = Received in to the device; O = Sent by the device)

§         Roaming indicator (H = Home, or on AT&T network; I = International, or off AT&T network)

The Current Data Usage Details page resembles the Data Usage Details page.  The key difference between the two is that current usage has not yet been assessed to an invoice, so the final charges and rating are not yet available.  Also, some features such as pooling have not yet been applied, so the amount of usage may not fully reflect the eventual charge to the wireless number.  In addition current usage includes all types of usage, including roaming, where the usage screens for previous invoices present this as separate pages.

Current usage always displays the current billing period, even if the previous invoice is not yet available.  While your bill is being processed there may be a short time where current usage is unavailable.  Additionally there may be times when an invoice is not yet available in eBill, but the current usage already displays a new billing period.  In such cases you cannot view your billed usage information for the recently closed billing period until your invoice is done processing. To receive notification when a new invoice with this usage information is available in eBill, sign up for a Bill Ready alert.  See Billing Account is Ready for View Alert or Billed Usage Ready Alert for Wireless Numbers.

    Current Usage is subject to delays in reporting.  Usage within the last 48 hours might not be included on this page.

Certain mobility data services result in a large volume of transactions.  For users with a large amount of current usage, eBill cannot retrieve all details at the same time. When current data usage details are retrieved for presentation, only a portion of the records may be presented.  If additional data usage records are available, click Get More to retrieve the next batch of records. The Get More button is only enabled if additional records are available.  Click Get More to refresh the screen with new data and the current records will no longer be included in the display.  If necessary, export to Excel the current data before you click Get More, or return to the Current Usage Summary page to download all current usage records offline.  After you clickGet More, re-enter the screen by using the left side menu or breadcrumbs navigation to retrieve the original data displayed.


View Subscriber Data Usage Details is available for all user roles.


View Subscriber Data Usage Details

1.      On the Subscriber Current Usage page, in the Current Usage section click the Details line next to Data. If not all data usage detail records were presented, the Get More button appears at the bottom of the list.

2.      To retrieve additional records, click Get More.


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