Cooperative Solution Sales Program

The Cooperative Solution Sales Program creates an opportunity for your organization to sell its certified application or devices cooperatively with the AT&T Business Solutions (ABS) sales team.


This program is for solutions targeted at business organizations (not consumers) with multiple employees, and for government agencies.


Your organization may qualify if:


You offer a certified software application or device for business customers that AT&T doesn't offer.


Program benefits


  • Potential to earn activation commissions
  • Support from AT&T, including:
    • Business planning
    • AT&T Network Sales Support


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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Cooperative Solution Sales Program?

The Cooperative Solution Sales Program is an opportunity for your organization to work with AT&T as an authorized agent and cooperatively sell a certified LOB application or an AT&T-certified device that AT&T does not keep in stock with the help of the AT&T Business Solutions sales team.


How do Cooperative Solution Sales Agents engage with the AT&T sales team?
As an authorized Cooperative Solution Sales Agent, you'll work with an AT&T Channel Account Manager specifically assigned to your team to help leverage business opportunities, develop account planning, and improve sales.


What are the requirements for the Cooperative Solution Sales Program?
Your organization must offer a vertical LOB solution or provide hardware solutions for items AT&T does not keep in stock–for example, rugged handhelds or original equipment manufactured (OEM) PCs.


Can I work with the AT&T sales team?
Yes. You can work with AT&T Business Solutions sales team and cooperatively sell your solution.



Can you tell me more about the solution certification process?

The first step to becoming an authorized Cooperative Solution Sales Dealer is to have your software or hardware solution certified through the AT&T Developer Program. The standard membership is available free of charge, so register, and get started today.


After you activate your AT&T Developer Program membership, review the AT&T Mobility software certification testing requirements and request AT&T Developer Program Enterprise Software Certification through our online form.



Through the AT&T Developer Program, the Industry & Mobility Alliance Program supports each phase of your organization's development process as a Cooperative Solution Sales Agent. The Industry & Mobility Alliance Program also works to bring exciting new software, equipment, and services to the market that can enhance your certified solution offering. The AT&T Developer Program portal provides your organization with essential tools, knowledge, resources, and business opportunities that are designed to help your organization increase productivity and profitability. For example, after your solution is certified and your organization is accepted as an authorized dealer, your solution will be added to the AT&T Developer Program website.


Joining the AT&T Developer Program's website provides visibility and access to AT&T Internal Mobility Application Consultants, who can recommend your organization's offering as a solution to existing AT&T clients who want specific business solutions.



What's the next step to becoming a Cooperative Solution Sales Agent after submitting a solution certification request?
Complete the Alliance Interest Application. Then, an Industry & Mobility Alliance Program representative will contact you to discuss your organization's options.


Thanks for taking time to learn about the Industry & Mobility Alliance Program and its Cooperative Solution Sales Agent Program. Feel free to learn more about the M2M Reseller Program, and remember, getting started is as easy as certifying your solution with the AT&T Developer Program and submitting the Alliance Interest Application. After that, an AT&T representative will be in touch soon!


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