Industry & Mobility Alliance Program

The Industry & Mobility Alliance Program (IMAP) Channel, formerly Business Alliance Channel (BAC), has two managed programs, one for dealers and one for value added resellers (VARs). The VARs program is now called the Machine to Machine (M2M) Reseller program.


The focus of the dealer program is exclusively on developing and managing a portfolio of line of business (LOB) solutions that operate in a co-selling model with our AT&T Business Solutions (ABS) Direct Sales teams. These LOB mobility solutions include specialized, non-stocked devices and applications. The VAR (M2M) program is a growth area for IMAP. IMAP is part of the Industry and Mobility Application Solutions (IMAS) organization, a sales organization with broad mobile data, vertical industry, and LOB solution expertise that supports the broader ABS account teams.



Certify your solution and sell cooperatively with AT&T.


As an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or distributor of mobile solutions for enterprise business customers, your organization could qualify to leverage the robust 4G network from AT&T and work closely with the AT&T Business Solutions Sales team to cooperatively sell your integrated mobile solutions.


How your organization can potentially benefit.

Here are just some of the benefits of IMAP:


  • Increased revenue opportunities
  • Exposure to new markets through AT&T
  • Wireless network training, education, and technical support
  • Leverage of next-generation network technology for your products

Get started today.



Are you ready to cooperatively penetrate the mobile marketplace with the Industry & Mobility Alliance Program from AT&T? Read on to learn more about the Cooperative Solution Sales and Machine to Machine programs. Then, if you still need more information, feel free to email us.


To get started, follow these two simple steps:


  1. Register and request Enterprise Solution Certification
    Join the AT&T Developer Program. After you activate your standard-level, free of charge membership, review the certification process and requirements for devices and software applications.
  2. Apply to join the Industry & Mobility Alliance Program
    After you've completed and submitted the required forms for certification, complete the Industry & Mobility Alliance Application. An Industry & Mobility Alliance Program representative will contact you to discuss how your organization may qualify.


Machine to Machine Reseller (M2M) Program

Machine to machine (M2M) resellers sell integrated solutions designed to service small-data transactions for customers, such as vehicle tracking, point-of-sale processing, remote asset monitoring, utility-meter reading, and other telemetry or machine-to-machine solutions.


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