Industry & Mobility Alliance Programs

Types of Industry & Mobility Alliance Programs and how your organization may qualify


Expand your footprint in the mobile marketplace by becoming one of AT&T's Industry & Mobility Alliance Program members. After completing and submitting the required forms, your organization could qualify to participate in the Cooperative Solution Sales program, or as a Value Added Reseller.


Our Industry & Mobility Alliance Program representatives work with you to determine your organization's best fit with our programs after you take two simple steps that are required to be considered to join. Here is what each of these programs can provide:


  • Cooperative Solution Sales: Work closely with AT&T's Enterprise Business Solutions sales force to cooperatively sell and create opportunities for customers by integrating your organization's AT&T certified mobile-data solution with AT&T's devices and network services. Your organization sells and supports its solution, while AT&T sells and supports its stocked devices and network services. Learn more
  • Value Added Resellers (VAR): Target vertical industry segment customers to resell mobile-data rate plans in bulk, which are integrated with your certified, wireless data-only, non-stocked solution and devices that are connected with the AT&T network. Your organization provides direct billing and customer support for its bundled solution independently of AT&T. Learn more
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