Value Added Reseller

Value Added Resellers (VARs) sell integrated solutions designed to service small-data transactions for customers, such as vehicle tracking, point-of-sale processing, remote asset monitoring, utility-meter reading, and other telemetry or machine-to-machine solutions.


AT&T is committed to helping your organization leverage its certified solution with the nation's most reliable 4G LTE network,* with back-end support, tools, and training.


Your organization's direct-billing services and front-line customer support will help sustain your existing customer base and drive new business in the mobile marketplace.


Your organization may qualify if it:


  • Can provide monthly billing to your end-user groups.
  • Can maintain a tier-1 customer-support group that provides support for your application.
  • Can successfully maintain monthly minimum revenue commitments to AT&T.
  • Has an AT&T certified non-stocked device and solution.
  • Provides a data-only hardware or software solution (no voice). 



Program benefits


  • Resale discounts on AT&T rate plans included in the VAR total solution
  • Direct connection options from the VAR application host to AT&T's network
  • Support from experienced data help-desk specialists
  • Simple Web-based activation management system


Are you ready to get started? Just follow two simple steps and you'll be on your way. Email us today to request additional information. 


Frequently Asked Questions about the Value Added Reseller program


Q: What types of solutions are offered through the Value Added Reseller (VAR) program?
A: The Value Added Reseller program provides an opportunity for your organization to purchase AT&T Mobility data plans at wholesale rates that you can bundle and sell with your machine-to-machine (M2M) black-box solution.


Q: Who is responsible for customer support and billing?
A: As an authorized Value Added Reseller, your organization provides billing services and front-end customer support for wireless data services. AT&T provides your organization with direct technical support, 24/7, but does not provide support to the end user.


Q: What is the VAR pricing for data-only airtime and rate plans?
A: AT&T Mobility's VAR program provides competitive, flexible rate plans to help your business thrive in the mobile marketplace. As you can probably understand, we'll be happy to discuss the details with your team after the execution of a mutual non-disclosure agreement (NDA).


Q: Is there an opportunity to resell voice services?
A: AT&T Mobility's VAR program is designed to penetrate vertical markets focused on a line-of-business solution that includes small-data transactions. The program does not support resale of voice services at this time.


Q: Where can I find more information on certified modules and devices? What is the process for device certification?
A: AT&T Mobility's development program, AT&T Developer Program, accepts online requests for device and application certification and provides overview information, such as a list of all GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) modules and devices that are certified by AT&T.


Q: If I already have an AT&T Mobility corporate account, can I use that program and pricing for reselling maching-to-machine (M2M) opportunities?
A: No. All M2M devices are activated in a provisioning and billing system specifically designed to support the unique requirements of M2M solutions. Reselling of the wireless data service is prohibited under current enterprise contracts. To ensure contract compliance in reselling wireless data services, contact the Industry & Mobility Alliance Program to make sure the proper agreement is in place to support your M2M initiatives.


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