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You face many challenges when you create a Wide Area Network (WAN) solution for your business including how to:


  • Get connectivity when and where you need it
  • Maintain more secure and reliable network connectivity
  • Build a cost effective solution


Wireless WAN Connectivity from AT&T can play a significant role in meeting these challenges by using the AT&T Broadband Connect network in addition to, or as an alternative to, wireline WAN solutions. Wireless WAN Connectivity from AT&T can help your business stay connected, reduce installation intervals, and enable data transmission and transaction processing from almost anywhere your business takes you.


Why you should use Wireless WAN connectivity from AT&T


Backup Connectivity —Wireless WAN provides diverse, cost effective backup for your data applications, quick deployment for temporary, new or remote locations, disaster recovery response, and mobile workers, as well as consistent network connectivity.


Primary Connectivity —Wireless WAN is ideal for primary connectivity for lower bandwidth applications in situations where wired networks are unavailable or infeasible. It is the ideal solution for obtaining connectivity in the locations where you need it, such as:


  • Branch offices
  • Point of sale locations
  • Kiosks and ATMs
  • Vehicles
  • Remote measurement and monitoring equipment
  • Temporary locations


How Wireless WAN connectivity from AT&T works


Wireless WAN allows locations to connect to the corporate infrastructure across AT&T Mobility’s Broadband Connect network by using a cellular-enabled router and security-enhanced dedicated or Internet connection to your data center or headquarters location. You can use Wireless WAN connectivity as an effective alternative to ISDN for backup connectivity or as the primary solution in places where wireline solutions are not viable options. Both solutions are shown in the following diagrams.


Wireless WAN Diagram


Wireless WAN Diagram


Wireless WAN Diagram



Why your business needs Wireless WAN connectivity from AT&T


Fast & Flexible—A Wireless WAN solution is faster to install than traditional landlines. Plus, if there is a need for connectivity in a temporary location or to change locations, you have the flexibility to relocate quickly and easily.


True diversity—Wireless WAN is an ideal backup solution for mission-critical data. When a landline outage occurs, you have the added confidence of knowing that you have true diversity via AT&T's wireless data solution.


Security—With a Wireless WAN solution from AT&T you can leverage your existing security infrastructure as well as choose from a number of connectivity options by leveraging AT&T’s Private Mobile Connection Portfolio. The Private Mobile Connection Portfolio provides flexible configurations, thus giving Wireless WAN-enabled locations reliable network-to-network connections to your enterprise data resources.


Economical—Wireless WAN connectivity may be less expensive than alternative wireline solutions for telemetry and backup applications. Wireless WAN can also be cost effective for primary connectivity for low-bandwidth applications.


AT&T Business Connect Data Plans - The right wireless data plan for your Wireless WAN application


Select from a range of data service plans that fit the needs of your Wireless WAN application, including:


Telemetry*—provides low-usage pricing options for lower-bandwidth applications.


  • Designed for small-burst transactional data
  • Includes pooling across devices


Contact your AT&T Mobility Account Team for current rates, terms, and conditions.


Capped*—provides low costs in low-usage months, predictable cost protection in higher-usage months.


  • Designed for deployments with a small number of sites
  • Can be used to determine usage patterns to help identify optimal price plan


MRCData (MB)Overage (KB)
$29.99 20 $0.001



 Backup/Primary*—provides higher-usage price plan options with low overage.


  • Designed for high volume backup as well as lower-bandwidth primary applications
  • Pooling option available with low additional monthly charge


MRCData (MB)Overage (KB)
$39.99 50 $0.00097
$49.99 250 $0.0003
$59.99 1000 $0.0003
$99.99 5000 $0.0003


*Additional terms, conditions, and restrictions apply. Please see the Business Connect Plans brochure for complete details.


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