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The ALLOVER™ Network


Only AT&T has the ALLOVER Network—the largest digital wireless voice and data network in America. The ALLOVER Network covers more than 273 million people and is growing, creating a solid platform to deliver services and solutions.


Our network is built on the worldwide GSM™ standard—the most widely deployed network standard in the world with over 70%, or over 2.2 billion subscribers on this network worldwide. GSM provides:


  • Economies of scale—wider range and lower cost of solutions and devices
  • Global compatibility—more international roaming potential


AT&T boasts the most cell sites and the most spectrum of any wireless network, delivering quality and reliability that enterprises expect from wireless:


  • Strongest spectrum position also means more bandwidth to support our growing subscriber base with quality and reliability; more bandwidth to roll our advanced data services such as BroadbandConnect to support the growing needs of our customers.
  • Higher cell site density means better quality, stronger signal, and more coverage.


We also continue to grow our customer base, creating the largest Mobile to Mobile calling community—more than 57 million subscribers. So AT&T's mobile-to-mobile calling has an even greater value. More of your co-workers, customers, and business partners are now a free phone call away.


AT&T has the largest global presence of any U.S.-based wireless provider. Customers with a compatible device can roam in more than 200 countries for voice and 160 countries for data. When you travel, your wireless phone, laptop, or smartphone can go with you. Half-way around the world, you're still doing business with AT&T.


BroadbandConnect Network


Built on the global standard for 3G wireless, BroadbandConnect delivers the high speed and coverage your business needs to keep work flowing when you're on the road. And now this network has been enhanced to double peak download throughput and greatly improve typical upload speeds on the latest 3G devices.*

With the enhanced BroadbandConnect network, you'll enjoy even better mobile broadband access to email, Internet, and other applications.

  • Available in most major metropolitan areas, providing typical download speeds of 600Kbps to 1.4Mbps and typical upload speeds of 500 to 800Kbps on compatible devices*
  • The only 3G technology that supports simultaneous voice and data with one device—your work doesn't stop when you need to talk
  • Wireless service is available in select metropolitan markets
  • Supported by AT&T Communication Manager


Enhanced Security and Connectivity Options


Whether wireless or wired, network security is a primary concern for businesses. Today's increasingly sophisticated security threats make implementing superior wireless security even more of a necessity. Network-to-network connectivity provides performance, security, and reliability necessary to enable wireless applications. AT&T provides you with a range of connectivity options and can assist in designing an end-to-end security solution. For more information visit http://developer.att.com.


Check out our Business Center to see all that AT&T can offer your business.


Speed and uninterrupted use of the service are not guaranteed. Coverage not available everywhere—visit AT&T's coverage viewer for details. Service defaults to national EDGE/GPRS network, where available, if AT&T 3G/BroadbandConnect network is not available.


*Referenced speeds require an HSDPA 3.6Mbps/HSUPA capable device with Receive Diversity and/or Equalizer. AT&T is deploying HSUPA throughout the 3G footprint, HSUPA may not currently be available in all 3G areas. BroadbandConnect speed claims based on our network tests without compression using 3MB data files for download and 2MB data files for upload. 3G devices not enabled with HSUPA support typical upload speeds of 220-320Kbps based on our network tests without compression using 500KB data files for upload. Actual throughput speed varies.


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AT&T has the nation's fastest 3G network*

Coverage not available in all areas.

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