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Read Your Voicemail - Anytime, Anyplace

Note: As of June 28, 2013, the Voicemail to Text feature will no longer be available for purchase. If you’re currently signed up for Voicemail to Text, you can continue to use the feature.


Read your voicemail—anytime, anyplace.


Now, instead of dialing into voicemail to get your messages, you can receive voicemail as text messages or emails. You can scan messages quickly, read what’s important, respond via text or email, or call back later. Discreet, flexible, time-saving, and efficient: This is voicemail that really works for you.

With Voicemail to Text, you can read your messages right on your mobile phone or computer. Perfect for when you’re in a meeting or any situation where retrieving voicemail the conventional way may not be convenient or polite.


The ultimate voicemail.


If you’re someone who’s busy, in and out of meetings, or on the go for work, family, or both, Voicemail to Text can help you get more done, every day.


  • When multitasking is a way of life, Voicemail to Text gives you more options for receiving voicemail. Simply read your messages anyplace, anytime, and respond by calling back, texting, or emailing. Plus easily share voicemail messages with others via text message or email, and store those important messages for later.
  • If you’re in a meeting, you can read your voicemail messages discreetly instead of conspicuously dialing and listening.
  • While chatting to other parents in the school yard, you can read and respond to voicemail without seeming impolite. Keep track of your kids’ whereabouts more easily—they can respond to your voicemail with a quick text.
  • If you’re a real estate agent showing a home to clients, you can read your voicemail and respond while they’re inspecting the property.
  • If you’re a small business owner in a meeting with customers, you won’t have to wait to respond to voicemail messages from potential new clients.
  • If you’re an attorney in a situation where listening to voicemail would be inappropriate, you can just read it—while also keeping better track of time spent for billing purposes.

When communication solutions in your work or personal life demand flexibility, Voicemail to Text is the voicemail solution for you.

Flexible, discreet, easy—it’s voicemail on your terms. 

With Voicemail to Text, your voicemail messages can be delivered to you in multiple ways:

  • As text messages you can read now or later
  • As email to any email address you choose
  • As both text messages and email

Of course, you can also still dial in to get your messages the way you always have.


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