Apriva Mobile Pay from AT&T

Turn your cell phone into a cell phone

Turn your AT&T smartphone into a portable credit card terminal with Apriva Mobile Pay from AT&T. With a compatible smartphone, the Apriva Mobile Pay from AT&T app, and a merchant account, your mobile workforce can process debit or credit card payments from the field.




Potential Benefit

  • Fewer sales without the ability to process credit card payments.
  • Smartphone-based solution—no additional equipment needed.
  • Increased sales and improved cash flow management for your business
  • It's difficult to guarantee payments without a mobile solution.
  • Full-featured point-of-sale solution supports all major transaction types.
  • Mobile credit card transactions and authorization
  • Traditional mobile payment solutions are expensive and cumbersome.
  • Mobile payment supports credit and debit transactions.
  • More professional appearance



  • $14.95 per device per month (merchant account required) for Apriva Mobile Pay from AT&T
  • $30 fee per credit card swipe device (first device is free)
  • 1.68% - Qualified Rate (Swiped)
  • 2.28% - Mid-Qualified Rate (Keyed)
  • $6.95 - PCI Fee (a single monthly processing fee–not a per-device fee)
  • $0.25 per transaction for Visa®, MasterCard®, and Discover®
  • $0.15 for American Express®


Supported Smartphone Platforms

  • Apriva Mobile Pay from AT&T runs on Android-, iOS®-, and Windows®-based smartphones.


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