Moto X

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Assembled in the U.S., Moto X™ is the first expression of the new Motorola—a 4G LTE-capable smartphone* offering the responsiveness you want and unsurpassed delivery of Google® services. Moto X is fast because it hears your voice and responds with Google Now™, readily providing the information you need, even when you’re not touching it. Start talking, and Moto X responds. And with a twist of your wrist, your Moto X becomes your camera.


You ask. It answers. Interact with your smartphone without having to pick it up, even if it’s across the room. Your Moto X is always ready to respond to your voice. Just say, "Okay Google Now," ask your question and it will give you the information you need.


Quietly displays the info you need. Don’t worry about having to wake up your smartphone to see the time or read your messages. The battery-friendly Moto X is always ready to tell you what you need to know. Information quietly appears on the screen. It doesn’t interrupt.


Never miss a shot. Twist your wrist twice and your Moto X is ready to shoot. Touch anywhere on the screen to take an amazing photo, all in just a matter of seconds. Zoom with one finger, and hold to take multiple shots in a row.


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To get the most from your new smartphone, check out these videos and interactive tutorials.


*Limited 4G LTE availability. LTE is a trademark of ETSI.


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