Enterprise Retail Support for Corporate Responsibility Users
Jan. 5, 2015

Enterprise Retail Support for Corporate Responsibility Users



Enterprise Retail Support (ERS) for Corporate Responsibility Users provides Telecom Managers and Corporate Responsibility Users the ability to receive in-person support at AT&T retail stores nationwide (i.e., Retail Serviceability). Once enrolled in ERS, Telecom Managers are able to set retail store permissions for their end users in AT&T Premier Business Center.


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ERS provides your organization with convenient, flexible, and effortless support!




Talk with your AT&T account team to initiate the enrollment process in Enterprise Retail Support (ERS). It typically takes 2-3 business days for your store permissions to be established, once your account team receives your signed enrollment form and submits the proper requests.




ERS is available at Company Owned Retail (COR) stores and Authorized Local Dealers nationwide. National Retailers (e.g. Walmart, apple, RadioShack, etc.) do not offer ERS at this time.


Contracted Discounts


Contracted Discounts and device prices are always honored in Company Owned Retail (COR) stores. Although many Authorized Local Dealers do choose to honor contracted discounts, some may not.


Retail Store Capabilities


Below is a breakout of the high level capabilities available for use by a Telecom Manager/Authorized Order Placer (TCM/AOP) or Corporate Responsibility User (CRU) in an AT&T Retail store.


  • Bill management
  • Allow separate Equipment Invoicing
  • Add and activate options (TCM/AOPs only)
  • Bill with service /Bill to mobile (Bill to air)
  • Account maintenance
  • Device Replacement Options
  • Additional capabilities (No permission setting available in Premier/Cannot set to deny)


Each capability contains specific retail store permissions which Telecom managers may set to “Deny” or “Allow” for their Corporate Responsibility users in Premier.


Bill Management




Print Bill

Allows a bill print in retail stores for a Billing Account Number with 5 lines of service or less. A $5 bill reprint fee will apply.

Enroll in Paperless Billing

Allows enrollment in paperless billing if this is currently indicated in the company’s billing preferences with AT&T.

View Bill Details

Allows subscriber to view bill details associated with the Billing Account Number for their mobile device in retail.

Pay Bill

Allows account payments in retail. This includes making payments using the retail payment kiosk.


Separate Equipment Invoicing




Allow Separate Equipment Invoicing

Separate Equipment Invoicing (SEI) has a specific dollar limit that allows a CRU to process equipment transactions (activations, add a line, and upgrades) in retail or online, and then receive a separate invoice.


Add and Activate Options (TCM/AOPs only)




Add Mobile (TCM/AOPs only)

Allows Telecom Manager or AOP to add a line of service in retail. Not intended for bulk or large orders.

Create Ban

Allows TCM or AOP to establish a new Billing Account Number and activate a new mobility device or devices.


Bill with Service/Bill to Mobile (Bill to Air)




Bill with Service/Bill to Mobile (Bill to Air)

Allow subscriber to process transactions in retail and charge them to the company’s Billing Account Number.


Account Maintenance




Add/Delete Feature and/or Rate Plan – No MRC

Allows a “standalone” change to any rate plan that does not have a monthly recurring charge (e.g. visual voicemail feature).

Basic Support and Troubleshooting

Allows the Retail Agent to perform basic troubleshooting. Company specific notes may be displayed in Retail systems.

Change Voice Plan

Allows a “standalone” change to voice plans only. Data plan changes are restricted.

Add/Delete Feature and/or Rate plan - International

Allows a “standalone” change to any international rate plan or feature.

Add/Delete Feature and/or Rate Plan - Domestic

Allows a “standalone” change to any domestic rate plan or feature.


Device Replacement Options





Allows subscriber to process equipment upgrades when they are upgrade eligible.

Return or Exchange – Recently Purchased

Allows the return or exchange of equipment regardless or original purchase method (i.e. Premier) subject to AT&T’s standard Returns Policy and timeframes.

Change Equipment – Not Upgrade Eligible or COAM

Allows subscriber to make device changes (either equipment purchases or COAM) when the CRU is not upgrade eligible or choses to use COAM (Customer Owned and Maintained).

Allow Return of Upgraded Equipment

Allows the subscriber to return recently upgraded equipment in the retail store.


Additional Capabilities (No permission setting available in Premier / Cannot set to Deny)




Cash or Credit Card

Allows subscriber to use cash or any credit or debit card to pay for a transaction in the retail store.

Purchase Orders

Allows the Retail Agent to process transactions with a Purchase Order (PO) number. A purchase order number is used for customer reporting and is not a payment method. This is not available in Authorized Local Dealers.

Accessory Purchase

Allows the Retail Agent to apply applicable accessory discounts and promotional offers.


Permission Levels


Telecom Managers may set retail store capabilities or permissions at the Foundation Account, Billing Account, or wireless number level. All lines default to the Foundations Account permissions level until the Telecom Manager sets Billing Account and/or wireless number level permissions.


Default Billing Account


Default Billing Account is a feature that gives Telecom Managers the ability to set Billing Account level permissions, and then automatically use those default setting for future Billing Accounts.


Wireless Number Group


Wireless Number Group is a feature that makes it possible for a Telecom Manager to set and manage permissions at the wireless number level. Wireless numbers belonging to any of the company’s Foundation Accounts or Billing Accounts can be added to a Wireless Number Group. A group may have one or more wireless numbers.

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