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December 18, 2014


Thank you for choosing AT&T as your primary wireless solutions provider! We are excited about our partnership and are committed to best-in-class wireless service and support for you and your end users.


The purpose of this guide is to provide a dynamic resource for Telecommunication Managers, IT Managers, Key Contacts, and Authorized Order Placers (AOP) that can assist with administering corporate wireless voice and data programs.


This manual is not a binding agreement and does not include all processes. This manual is intended for those Telecom Managers or other Authorized Order Placers (AOP) supporting business customers that have a qualified business agreement with AT&T. Working hours, contact numbers, procedures, and policies are subject to change without notice and may also vary based on your company's preferences and business agreement.


iPhone Support


Please note that this guide is not intended to cover iPhones and service for iPhones (collectively, the "iPhone Solution"). Special ordering, activation, upgrade, rate plan change, equipment return, and other policies and processes may apply to the iPhone Solution, which may not be reflected in this guide. If you have questions about whether the policies and processes described in this guide also apply to the iPhone Solution, please see your Account Team or call the telephone number referenced in the guide for your particular question. For product information, see www.att.com/iphone.


AT&T Business Customer Support Model


Overview of Your Business Account


AT&T has assembled industry-leading resources to provide business customers with the best return on their wireless investments. With network reliability, high-impact voice and data solutions, wireless plan choices, and powerful wireless management tools, AT&T delivers the solutions you demand for your business. At the core of AT&T's activities is AT&T Business Solutions (ABS). AT&T Business Solutions is a nationally focused organization that gives large business customers access to dedicated professionals in the areas of sales, customer care, ordering, product and offer development, and solutions deployment who are focused solely on their specialized needs. AT&T Business Solutions works with customers through multiple channels:


Premier—A cost-effective, customizable, and flexible online platform for your company's employees and telecom managers to use to purchase, activate, monitor, and manage their wireless portfolio.


Customer Services—Dedicated centers, with specialized groups and unique tools and services to assist with business customer support and account management. This includes representatives who support via phone.


Account Team—Dedicated professionals committed to providing wireless business solutions that create business value for your organization.


AT&T Retail Stores—A broad network of convenient locations to support your employees.


Account Hierarchy


Your Account Team will introduce you to the account hierarchy used for managing your wireless program, including foundation account numbers (FAN) and billing account numbers (BAN).


A foundation account number is a unique number that identifies your account throughout all AT&T markets. Its main function is to define billing, reporting, and program benefits within AT&T's billing systems. When speaking with customer support representatives about your lines of service, it is important that you keep track of which foundation account numbers are associated with those lines. You need to know this information to get discounts, if any, associated with your company's program.


A billing account number identifies a billing account that has one or more services on the same account. As an example, wireless numbers belonging to the same department may be on the same billing account number to help with more efficient bill processing for your company.You may choose to have more than one foundation account number for your business, depending on payment and reporting preferences. A foundation account number can encompass just one billing account number, or multiple billing account numbers.


User Account Types


You can have two different types of end user accounts:


A Corporate Responsibility User (CRU) account is an end user's wireless account that is associated with a business contract for certain program benefits. The business has financial responsibility for Corporate Responsibility User accounts.


An AT&T Signature Discount (SIG) account is an end user's wireless account that is associated with a business contract for certain program benefits. In most cases, the individual account holder must be an active employee with the company (that is, on the company’s payroll and issued a W-2 by the company). The individual is financially responsible for their AT&T Signature Discount customer account and AT&T invoices SIG customers directly. The AT&T Signature Discount program was previously referred to as the Sponsorship Program.


AT&T Signature Discount customers and Corporate Responsibility Users are sometimes referred to collectively as End Users. Your SIG customers will be attached to a unique foundation account number, different from the foundation account number that your Corporate Responsibility Users are attached to.


Authorized Order Placers


An Authorized Order Placer (AOP) is a business customer's employee who is specifically authorized to place orders and requests for the customer's Corporate Responsibility Users (CRU). Typical examples of the types of Authorized Order Placers that a company can authorize to manage their wireless program are telecom managers, wireless administrators, and IT help-desk representatives.


The AOP line, at 800-999-5445, can handle most requests for Authorized Order Placers. Authorized Order Placers cannot place orders for AT&T Signature Discount (SIG) customers. Contact your Account Team if you would like to add an Authorized Order Placer or edit names or passwords on your account. Passwords are highly recommended for Authorized Order Placers.


Company Foundation Account Number Profiles


Your company foundation account number profiles are very important. The preferences that you request for your company profile affect every inbound interaction you have with AT&T customer service for all lines on the foundation account number for Corporate Responsibility Users (CRU). Speak to your Account Team to clarify which transactions you would like to allow your End Users to be able to conduct (such as add features, change equipment, etc.). For example, perhaps you would like to restrict your Corporate Responsibility Users from ordering upgrades, or perhaps you would prefer that only the Authorized Order Placers (AOP) are able to make changes. Different levels of access are possible.


Please note that the only types of Authorized Order Placers (AOP) that may request changes to the foundation account number profile are Telecom Managers, day-to-day contacts, or decision makers. Other Authorized Order Placers may order and make any type of change on wireless services, but they may not change the company foundation account number profile preferences. Speak to your Account Team to clarify which transactions your Authorized Order Placers are authorized to conduct.


Account Verification


When someone contacts AT&T's Business Customer Services, we ask a series of questions in order to confirm that the individual is approved to make the request. The verification questions differ based on the account type and individual.


An IVR PIN can be established for Authorized Order Placers (AOP) and Telecommunication Managers (TCM) to simplify the Verification Process.  The AOP Line (800-999-5445) will prompt for PIN entry once the Wireless Number is entered. If you do not have an IVR PIN, and would like to have one set up, ask the AT&T Business Customer Service Professional or Contact your Account Team for assistance.


As a standard, please be prepared with the following:


  • For AOPs and CRUs, please have the wireless number and IMEI, ICCID, two recently billed calls, or account number along with any applicable account password. IMEI is the equipment; ICCID is the SIM card.
  • For AT&T Signature Discount (SIG) customers, please have the wireless number and the last 4 digits of the account holder's social security number along with any applicable account password.


Billing and Payment Options


The billing and payment options available for Corporate Responsibility Users (CRU) at the foundation account number or billing account number level are:


Reporting foundation account number option—For customers who use eBill for foundation account number-level reporting and receive separate online invoices that each have a balance to pay individually. This option is ideal for cost center and end-user remit setups.


Billing foundation account number option—For those who use eBill for foundation account number-level reporting and receive a single consolidated invoice.


Fulfillment foundation account number option—For those who want to leverage national contract foundation account number-level discounts and use eBill for viewing and payment of each separate billing account.


A paper bill may be suppressed or generated with all options. Customers may use more than one foundation account number if various billing types are required.


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