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Jul. 5, 2013


Reporting Voice and Data Quality or Coverage Issues


AT&T is committed to delivering enterprise-grade wireless voice and data solutions, with dedicated resources to isolate, troubleshoot, and escalate voice and data quality issues when they occur.


As with all troubleshooting issues, please make note if the problem occurs:


  • Everywhere, or only in certain areas.
  • Always, or just intermittently.


Also note the indicators that appear on your device.


Customers should not call from the device with which they are experiencing problems, but they should have it with them for troubleshooting.


Authorized Order Placers may check online or contact the AOP line on behalf of the Corporate Responsibility User:



Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. Eastern


Telecom Managers may contact AT&T on behalf of the End User, but if there is an issue with the device, inquiries are easier to solve with the phone in hand and available for troubleshooting.


The End User may check online or contact Customer Services line directly:



24 hours a day, 7 days a week


Technical Support


 AT&T Business Care Community

Come Visit the AT&T Community Forums to get help and exchange ideas, tips, information, and techniques related to our products and services.

 Business Mobility Support

On-line support that includes device tutorials and device setup.


Official Twitter page of AT&T Business and Support. Follow us for tips or write us for support and services.


Check out our Business YouTube channel for video tutorials on your device or service.


24 hours a day, 7 days a week


For coverage information, use the following resources:



Note: If your program is supporting in excess of 100 voice or data lines, ask your Account Manager about additional technical support you may qualify for, such as the Mobility Enterprise Customer Maintenance Center.


Reporting Dropped Calls


Report dropped calls only after you have received your monthly bill. If the total included minutes in your rate plan have not been exceeded, there is no need to credit the minutes associated with the dropped calls. Also, please note that certain plans provide unlimited nights and weekends or unlimited mobile-to-mobile, so credits or additional-minute reimbursements may not be applicable.


If you believe credits or minutes are due, please see the section above on reporting and resolving voice quality issues, and call the numbers listed to report recurring service issues, locations, and requests for airtime and credits.

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