Additional Terms for Enterprise Customers

Welcome to AT&T and to the Additional Terms for Enterprise Customers home page. We're pleased that you've selected us as your wireless carrier. This site is provided to you as a convenience so that you can review additional documents containing enterprise customer-specific terms and conditions, and enterprise product-specific pricing, terms and conditions that govern your Corporate Responsibility Users’ use of AT&Ts wireless services. All documents constitute “Sales Information” for purposes of, and are incorporated into, your organization’s wireless service agreement with AT&T.*

You can print any of the documents available below. NOTE that the documents: The documents are subject to change, so we recommend that you check back frequently for the most up-to-date information.

*Products referenced under item 2 below may not be offered under all agreement types. To determine applicable Sales Information, check your organization’s wireless service agreement for available product offers.


1. Enterprise Customers: Additional Service and Equipment Related Terms Updated 08-29-2019   
2. Additional Product-Specific Terms and Conditions:  
  • Rate Brochures for Plans, Features, and Other AT&T Mobile Services:
  AT&T Mobile Share PlusSM for Business  
  AT&T Wireless Broadband  
  AT&T Wireless Internet  
  AT&T Business Unlimited with Private Wi-Fi plans & AT&T Business Unlimited Preferred  
  AT&T Mobile Select PrioritySM– Pooled & AT&T Mobile SelectSM – Pooled Plans  
  AT&T Business Connect Plans  
  AT&T Business Nation® Plans  
  AT&T Business Pooled NationSM Plans   
  AT&T Business Pooled NationSM For Data Plans  
  AT&T BusinessTalk Plans  
  AT&T Data ConnectSM Plans for Business   
  AT&T Data ProSM Plans for Business   
  AT&T International Long Distance Offers   
  AT&T International Day Pass   
  AT&T Passport   
  AT&T Wearables™ Solution   
  AT&T Workforce Data for Business   
  Retired: AT&T Data Plans   
  Retired: AT&T Mobile Share® Data for Business Plans   
  Retired: AT&T Unlimited Hotspot/Wireless Internet Plan  
  Retired: AT&T Mobile Share FlexSM plans for business   
  Retired: AT&T Mobile Share AdvantageSM plans for business   
  Retired: AT&T Mobile Share® Value Plans for Business   
  Retired: AT&T Business Unlimited Plans  
  Retired: AT&T Unlimited ChoiceSM & Unlimited PlusSM for Business  
  Retired: AT&T Cuba ConnectSM  
  Retired: AT&T Mobile ShareSM plans for business  
  Retired: AT&T Business Unlimited Enhanced with Private Wi-Fi Plans  
  Retired: AT&T Viva MexicoSM Plans   
  Retired: AT&T Nation® with Canada Plans   
  • Feature Brochures/Product Briefs for Optional Programs:
  AT&T Equipment Installment Plans for Business  
  AT&T Device Installment PlanSM  
  AT&T Installment Plans w/ Next UpSM  
  The Archiving Platform from Smarsh  
  AT&T Dynamic Traffic Management - Enterprise  
  AT&T Dynamic Traffic Management - Public Safety  
  AT&T Message Archiving  
  AT&T Messaging ToolkitSM  
  AT&T Mobility Solutions Services  
  AT&T OfficeDirect  
  AT&T Global Smart Messaging Suite  
  Samsung Knox  
  Mobile Remote Access Services from AT&T (MRAS)  
  • Service Guides for Supplemental Services:
   AirWatch® Hosted MDM from AT&T  
   AirWatch® On-Premise MDM from AT&T  
   AT&T Video Meetings with Blue Jeans  
   IBM MaaS360  
   Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security Service Guide  
   MobileIron® Basic Connected Cloud from AT&T  
   MobileIron® Connected Cloud from AT&T  
   MobileIron® Virtual Smartphone Platform (VSP) from AT&T  


  • Product Briefs for Supplemental Services:**


AccessMyLan from AT&T
Aira Service from AT&T
AirWatch® Hosted MDM from AT&T
AirWatch® On-Premise MDM from AT&T
AT&T Business Messaging
AT&T Asset Management for Shipping Containers and Trailers
AT&T Asset Management Operations Center
AT&T Campus Guide
AT&T Control Center and Control Center for FirstNet
AT&T Equipment & Machinery Solutions
AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk
Fleet Complete Asset Tracker
AT&T Fleet Manager
AT&T Fleet Management for Enterprise and Government
AT&T IoT Platform – DataFlow
AT&T IoT Platform – Multi-Network Connect
AT&T Landline Texting
AT&T Landline Texting - API
AT&T Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security
AT&T Mobile Forms™
AT&T Smart Cities Operations Center
AT&T Vehicle Solutions – Connected Car
AT&T Video Meetings with Blue Jeans
AT&T Work
AT&T Workforce Manager
Box from AT&T Product Brief
Digital Infrastructure
Enterprise On-Demand
First Responders Mobility Zone
Good Dynamics from AT&T
IBM MaaS360 Commercial

 MobileIron® Cloud
 MobileIron® Core from AT&T
 MobileIron® VSP from AT&T – Managed Hosted MDM Solution
 NetMotion Mobility™ from AT&T
 NetMotion Diagnostics™ from AT&T
 NetMotion Mobile IQ™ from AT&T
 Office 365 from AT&T
 Panic Button from AT&T
 Professional Services for IoT
 Rave Guardian from AT&T
 RingCentral Office@Hand from AT&T (for Enterprise)
 RingCentral Office@Hand from AT&T (for Small Business)
 Satellite Solutions
 Smart911 from AT&T
 SmartPrepare from AT&T
 Smart Irrigation
 Structure Monitoring
 Video Intelligence



3.Optional Programs:


AT&T FirstNet Solution Attachment 06/30/17


1. General. Pursuant to the terms and conditions of the Agreement and this Attachment, AT&T will provide the AT&T FirstNet Solution, as described more fully below.


  1.1 AT&T FirstNet Solution. The AT&T FirstNet Solution includes additional Services that are available and intended for use with the AT&T FirstNet Nationwide Public Safety Broadband Network (collectively, the “AT&T FirstNet Solution”).


  1.2 Eligibility. In order to take advantage of the AT&T FirstNet Solution, Customer must (a) be a qualified “Public Service Entity” as recognized by the First Responder Network Authority, and (b) restrict access to the AT&T FirstNet Solution solely to Authorized Users (as defined in the AT&T FirstNet Solution Service Guide described below) who must be located in a state or territory which has opted in to use the AT&T FirstNet Nationwide Public Safety Broadband Network, unless otherwise authorized by AT&T prior to submission of an order for service.


  1.3 AT&T FirstNet Solution Pricing and Terms. In the event Customer takes advantage of the AT&T FirstNet Solution, Customer will be bound by the rates, terms and conditions set forth in the AT&T FirstNet Solution Service Guide, as such rates, terms and conditions may be modified by AT&T from time to time, all of which are incorporated herein by reference.


2. Incorporation of Agreement. The terms, conditions and defined terms set forth in all documents comprising the Agreement (including, without limitation, this Attachment) apply throughout all such documents. In the event of any expressly conflicting provisions between this Attachment and the remainder of the Agreement, the terms and conditions of this Attachment control, but only with respect to the subject matter of this Attachment.



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