Connecting with a Laptop:

Q. What equipment do I need in order to use AT&T Wi-Fi?

A. All you need to connect to AT&T Wi-Fi is a laptop computer with a Wi-Fi interface. Most laptops and some mobile phones come with built-in Wi-Fi capability.

Q. How do I connect at an AT&T Wi-Fi Hot Spot with my Laptop?

A. If your laptop runs Microsoft Windows XP or Vista, the easiest way to connect to AT&T Wi-Fi is to download the Connection Software from AT&T, which will automatically detect and connect to AT&T and partner Wi-Fi Hot Spots for easy access.

To connect to an AT&T Wi-Fi Hot spot without the AT&T Connection Software:

After connecting to the AT&T Wi-Fi network, you will see a second AT&T Wi-Fi page welcoming you to the Internet.

If you have a coupon code, select Login with a Coupon. Enter your coupon code in the space provided and check the box to agree to the AT&T Wi-Fi Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy, then select Get Connected.

Q. I am an AT&T High Speed Internet customer with AT&T Wi-Fi included. How do I connect at an AT&T Wi-Fi Hot Spot?

A. To connect to AT&T Wi-Fi with a Wi-Fi Basic or Premier Account, follow these steps:

The AT&T Welcome screen will indicate that you are connected to the Internet.

Q. Do I need to download the AT&T Connection Manager software to use the AT&T Wi-Fi Service?

A. No, you do not need the AT&T Connection Software to use AT&T Wi-Fi service. The AT&T Connection Software enables faster connectivity to the Internet at AT&T and roaming partner Wi-Fi Hot Spots for Windows-based laptops. The AT&T Connection Software automatically detects AT&T and roaming partner Wi-Fi Hot Spots and stores login information for easy connectivity.

Q. What types of wireless cards are compatible with the AT&T Wi-Fi network?

Any card that has been certified for compliance with the Wi-Fi wireless LAN standard (IEE 802.11b/g) can be used with the AT&T wireless service. If you have an 802.11n card that is backwards compatible with 802.11g you will be able to connect to an AT&T or roaming partner hotspot.

For a list of qualified vendors, please visit the Wi-Fi Alliance Association Web site.

Q. What if I have trouble connecting to or using AT&T Wi-Fi service?

If you have problems connecting to or using AT&T Wi-Fi service, you can contact AT&T Wi-Fi Technical Support at 1-888-888-7520, or email us at

Q. What network name do I connect to at AT&T Hot Spots?

AT&T Wi-Fi Hot Spots are configured to broadcast the network name or SSID "attwifi" (all lowercase, no quotes).