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The world-leading Android® operating system continues to evolve with new features and functionality, resulting in an ever-growing demand for Android devices within the enterprise space. Fast, smooth, and responsive, Android delivers an optimal experience for on-the-go productivity, connectivity, security, and entertainment. It's extremely intuitive, customizable, and easy to use, and works with all your favorite Google® apps. And now you can stay in touch, even when you don’t have your phone, with an Android Wear smartwatch. Whether using it for business or for fun, you'll be amazed at what your Android device can do.


Get more done.


Android can help you communicate, multitask, edit, and create from almost anywhere. Whether you're working with business apps, presentations, or spreadsheets, sending email, or downloading documents, you can quickly and easily switch from one task to another or view two apps side by side with Multi Window™.1 The number of available Google Play™ apps has grown to over 2 million, so you can download what you need to get the job done. You can easily customize your home screen so that your favorite apps, shortcuts, and services are right at your fingertips. Plus, with Android for Work you can customize your device to meet your business needs.


Stay connected.


Android helps you stay in touch and in the know when you're on the go. Create a personal hotspot using your Android device and connect other devices to the Internet.2 Many Android devices provide connectivity back to your corporate network through SSL or IPsec VPN (virtual private networking). There are even Android apps that enable you to access your home computer from your mobile device. Plus, with Near Field Communication (NFC), you can share your photos, videos, contacts, Web pages, and more with other NFC-enabled Android devices—securely, and with just a tap.


Leave your phone behind.


Android Wear helps you stay in touch, even when you don’t have your phone with you. Send and receive messages, get notifications, track your run, check your commute, and so much more—all from your wrist. Android Wear smartwatches feature an always-on display, so both the time and your favorite apps are just a glance away.


Secure and control your device.


Android provides device access and data protection. Set permissions to control what you want to share and when. Skip the password and unlock your device with your fingerprint, then speed through checkout on Android Pay™. Google Play apps go through rigorous security testing, so you can download with confidence and will be notified if security standards aren’t met once installed. Login protection and remote device wipe help safeguard the data on your device in the event it's lost or stolen. Encryption of both your device and your SD card is available on most Android devices. And if your device is lost or stolen, you can remotely locate it with Android Device Manager.


Customize your device.


Android devices offer a clean and simple home screen with the power of Google built in, so you can put the things you care about right at your fingertips: Traffic alerts, weather, a stream of your photos, and much more are just a swipe away. Google Now on Tap can anticipate what you need in the moment, delivering useful information and apps with a simple tap. Android is built for you, so you can tailor your device to fit your life—from the size of your icons and keyboard to the games and apps on your home screen.


Keep it fun!


Android supports most audio, video, and image formats, so when your work is done or you need to take a break, you can listen to music, watch videos, and view photos the way you like. Or you can download your favorite games and entertainment apps from Google Play. High-performance 3D graphics help apps seemingly come to life on supported Android devices. And with the convenience of Google Voice Search™ you can ask a question, send a text, set a reminder, or get the information you need, quickly and on the fly.



Find your photos fast.


With free storage and automatic organization, Android helps you revisit life’s special moments with just a touch. Google Photos automatically backs up photos and videos across your devices, so they’re easily accessible. With all your photos and videos in one place, it’s easy to find the right photos fast. Google Photos recognizes the people, places, things, and events that are important to you.


Spend less time charging.


Android can help extend the battery life on your device. Battery-smart features include App Standby for seldom-used apps and Doze, which automatically puts a resting device into a sleep state. And now it's easier than ever to manage your power usage. See the estimated time remaining before you need to charge your device and, when you’re charging, approximately how much time until your device is fully charged.


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