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Experience the convenience and flexibility of Internet access from virtually anywhere with a mobile hotspot device from AT&T. With a mobile hotspot you can deploy, configure, and update multiple devices to your workforce. Whether your organization consists of just a few people who work outside the office or large teams traveling abroad, you can control how the mobile hotspot connects to the AT&T 4G LTE network1 and help keep your corporate information secure. And you can share your connection with other Wi-Fi enabled devices—laptops, tablets, music and gaming devices, and more.


AT&T offers a variety of options, including standalone mobile hotspot devices, compatible USB modems,2 compatible AT&T smartphones and tablets,3 and connected car devices.4 Learn more about the devices available from AT&T.






Standalone mobile hotspot devices


Share the speed at your convenience with one of the mobile hotspot devices available from AT&T:


Nighthawk® LTE Mobile Hotspot Router

Nighthawk® LTE Mobile Hotspot Router


Featuring fast mobile Wi-Fi® Internet speed, long lasting battery, and external storage, Nighthawk® LTE Mobile Hotspot Router brings you the ultimate mobile experience. Share media whenever, wherever, in the office, or out of the office.1 Even better, you can share the connection with up to 20 Wi-Fi-enabled devices. An ideal travel companion, Nighthawk LTE Mobile Hotspot Router provides an option to offload your connection from cellular to existing Wi-Fi or Ethernet so you can save on your data plan. The long-lasting battery supports all-day use,2 keeping your devices connected with virtually no downtime as you travel. Unlike public Wi-Fi, Nighthawk LTE Mobile Hotspot Router offers a password-protected, highly-secure connection, access control to block selected devices, scheduler to set usage time, ability to manage levels of security with guest network, and more.

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AT&T Velocity® 2

AT&T Velocity® 2


Stay connected virtually anywhere in the U.S. and Mexico1 with AT&T Velocity® 2. Compact, portable, and easy to use, the AT&T Velocity 2 mobile hotspot helps keep you connected and online through the AT&T mobile 4G LTE2 network. Connect up to 10 wireless devices, including laptops, tablets, mobile phones, e-readers, TVs, and more.3 And safely share your connection using the Guest network, which provides restricted, highly secure access with a separate password.

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ZTE Mobley

ZTE Mobley


Turn your vehicle into a Wi-Fi hotspot and get on-the-go access to the Internet for your family or business. Just plug ZTE Mobley into the OBD II port under your vehicle dash1 to connect up to five Wi-Fi enabled devices to the AT&T 4G LTE network2 when your vehicle is on.3

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Compatible USB modems


Mobile Hotspot is available on select AT&T USB modems running AT&T AllAccess for Windows. Compatible USB modems available from AT&T include:


AT&T Velocity® USB Stick

AT&T Velocity® USB Stick


Lightweight and portable, AT&T Velocity® USB Stick helps keep you connected while you’re on the go. This easy-to-use plug-and-play solution gets you online in seconds and can keep you online for as long as you need. This compact USB modem is a great option for the business traveler or everyday mobile user. Use it virtually anywhere, anytime and enjoy the fast and highly secure connection with the nation’s best data network.1

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Compatible AT&T smartphones and tablets


Mobile Hotspot is available on select AT&T smartphones and tablets running (or upgradable to) iOS® 7.1 or higher, Android® 4.1 or higher, or Windows® 10.


If you already have a compatible AT&T smartphone or tablet, you can upgrade to the DataPro 5GB plan or add your smartphone to a Mobile Share®, Mobile Share Value®, or Mobile Share AdvantageSM plan. Just flip on the Mobile Hotspot feature, and you’re ready to go.


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