Ruggedized Handheld Computers

Ruggedized Handheld Computers. Real-Time Data Capture for On-the-Go Productivity

What Are Ruggedized Handheld Computers?

Ruggedized handheld computers are designed for the most extreme use cases, including high shock, vibration, temperature extremes, and moisture. Resistance to moisture and dust varies somewhat by device, but typically ranges from withstanding water being splashed against the enclosure and dust-protected (IP54), to being completely immersed in water up to one meter and dust-tight (IP67). Additionally, ruggedized handheld computers are designed to withstand a high level of shock and vibration. This is typically defined as a MIL-STD 810G specification. Some devices in the category can withstand multiple six-foot drops to concrete.


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Network-Ready Devices are approved for use on the AT&T network and selected to give businesses the specific features they need, but they are not stocked in AT&T retail stores. Ruggedized handheld computers are part of the network-ready device portfolio and are available for sale through the AT&T Mobility Solutions Services group and third-party vendors. These manufacturers design, build, and support handheld computers capable of withstanding environmental and usage conditions that would render standard, off-the-shelf handheld computers inoperative or expensive to maintain. Ruggedized handheld computers are commonly used for data capture, and communication of that data to a server, which enables real-time access by decision makers.


Get the Right Rugged Handheld for the Job

Today’s competitive world demands mobility solutions tailored to meet the unique requirements of your business—and to help you identify the right device for the job.


In addition to greater durability, some other benefits of rugged handheld devices include:

  • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO).
  • Deployment up to three times longer than durable or consumer devices.
  • Maximized uptime.
  • Minimized risk of mission-critical data loss.


Ruggedized handheld computers are utilized across all parts of the enterprise, enabling mobile workers to leverage enterprise applications for uses like commercial transportation, parcel and express delivery, direct-store delivery, field service, business management, public safety, and home healthcare. More than 35 rugged handheld network-ready devices are certified on our wireless network, including devices in the following list.


Are you looking to mobilize your workforce without a large capital expenditure? Financing of Rugged Handheld Computers is available from AT&T Capital Services. Contact your local sales representative or 800.733.1481 to discuss payment plan options available through Capital Services.


Ruggedized Handheld Manufacturers


Compatible Mobile Applications from AT&T

With mobile applications, you can increase productivity in almost any department across your enterprise. All you need is the expertise to identify which applications are best suited for your business process, and how to integrate them for maximum impact. The following mobile applications are compatible with the Windows® Phone 6.5 operating system.


Sales Force Automation and Mobile Productivity

AT&T Mobile Enterprise Applications Platform (MEAP)

AT&T Mobile Forms™

TotalMobile® from AT&T


Fleet Management and Asset Tracking

XRS® from AT&T


Mobile Device Management

AirWatch from AT&T

Good for Enterprise™ from AT&T

McAfee® Enterprise Mobility Management

MobileIron® from AT&T



AT&T Global Smart Messaging Suite


VPN Connectivity

NetMotion® Wireless from AT&T Mobile VPN


Learn more about rugged devices available from AT&T retail stores.


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