ShoreTel Mobility Router

Extend your reach and coverage

Extend Networking across PBX, Cellular and Campus Wi-Fi

The ShoreTel Mobility Router can be combined with additional compatible customer-supported wireline transport services and equipment to help enhance user productivity, extend reach, and improve office or campus coverage. This solution may also help you control costs by using the router with your PBX to converge mobile and wireline calling capabilities.


How it works

The ShoreTel Mobility Router lets you treat an enabled dual-mode mobile device (Wi-Fi+cellular) as a station on your PBX. The PBX controls call routing for both originating and terminating calls, a vital component of an effective converged fixed-mobile solution.


  • When the dual-mode device originates a call (through a cellular network or enterprise campus Wi-Fi network), the call is routed through your designated PBX and wireline transport to the public switched telephone network (PSTN).
  • Incoming calls are routed over the same infrastructure, terminating on the enabled device.


When the cellular network and a campus Wi‑Fi network are both available, the ShoreTel Mobility Router selects a network for a call based on signal strength, battery life, and network preference.  As these factors change, the router will transition the call between the cellular and campus Wi‑Fi networks.


Potential benefits

  • Using on-campus Wi-Fi can enhance smartphone coverage.
  • Extending select PBX features to qualified mobile devices can improve productivity.
  • Using campus Wi-Fi for call transport can reduce cellular usage charges.


Key features

  • Automatic voice call transition between cellular and on-campus Wi-Fi
  • One enterprise number and one voice mail
  • Extension of select enterprise PBX features, including:
    • Conference calling
    • Transfer
    • Call hold/retrieve
    • Extension dialing
    • Do not disturb
  • Direct query
  • Calls accepted to both business and personal numbers
  • Presence status


Increase your productivity and access

The easy-to-use ShoreTel Mobility Router, when installed with a customer-provided PBX and customer-provided transport to the PSTN, delivers a single enterprise voice identity with one number, one voicemail, and one caller ID. You can be reached virtually anywhere through a single number, and you have the freedom to take many of the capabilities of your desk phone with you.


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