Business Messaging Important Information

Receiving Messages: AT&T Business Messaging feature ("Feature") with messaging add-on requires valid, eligible agreement, compatible device and qualified AT&T voice or data plan. Terms of service may vary based on selected devices and service plans. Feature not available on all devices, on all rate plans or available for purchase or use in all areas. Feature includes access to the AT&T Business Messaging Gateway ("Gateway") and transmission (mobile originated and mobile terminated) of supported-protocol messages between the Gateway and your device ("Messages"). All other text messaging sent from or received on your device (mobile originated and mobile terminated) are subject to the rates and terms of your applicable text messaging feature/plan. Anyone who has your AT&T Business Messaging address/ phone number can send you Messages through the Gateway. As part of the activation process, your wireless number will be shared with third parties that AT&T uses to provide this Feature. To receive Messages via the Feature, you must first provision and enable the Feature on your device. If you want to receive Messages from your company, you must provide your AT&T paging address/phone number to your company. Feature is subject to your service agreement, the terms set forth in this brochure, and the applicable voice, data and/or text messaging plan brochures and coverage maps.


Sending Messages: To send Messages through the Gateway, sender must have a compatible application and must program the AT&T messaging operator address provided by the intended recipient and the intended recipient must have this Feature activated. Additional hardware, software, subscription, dial-up access or Internet access from your compatible PC and/or special network connection may be required and you are solely responsible for arranging for or obtaining all such requirements. Some solutions may require third-party products and/or services, which are subject to any applicable third-party terms and conditions and may require separate purchase from and/or agreement with the third-party vendor. Sender is solely responsible for all content sender transmits through the Gateway. Use of the Gateway is subject to the applicable terms of this brochure, including without limitation the Additional Terms and Conditions set forth below, and to the AT&T Acceptable Use Policy, which can be found at Sender cannot use the Gateway to transmit any communication that would violate any federal, state or local law, court order or regulation. Sender must cooperate with AT&T and/ or governmental authorities in investigations alleging a violation or prohibited use of the Gateway.


Site Licensing, or Bulk Feature Provisioning: Site Licensing is available to companies with a valid, eligible business agreement and a minimum of 100 Corporate Responsibility Users ("CRUs") within a single Foundation Account (“FAN”). Bulk activations of the Feature require an associated site license ("Site License"). AT&T reserves the right to convert FANs that drop below 100 CRUs from Site Licensing to Individual Business Messaging Feature(s) and pricing. Company must provision the Feature on AT&T devices via the AT&T website and account login provided with the purchase confirmation. Company is responsible for testing and verifying such AT&T devices are provisioned with the Feature and functioning properly. If a FAN is suspended or cancelled, all AT&T Features provisioned through such FAN will be disabled. Company is responsible for managing and maintaining group distribution lists. In the event that company reduces the number of Site Licensing seats purchased, company must also similarly reduce the number of CRUs provisioned with the Feature. In the event that company fails to deactivate the applicable number of CRUs ("Surplus CRUs") and associate the available seats with the desired CRUs, AT&T reserves the right to automatically deactivate the Feature for Surplus CRUs. For purposes of the foregoing, AT&T will deem the last CRUs activated with the Feature to be Surplus CRUs (i.e. the last CRUs activated with the Feature are the first CRUs to have the Feature deactivated). Company acknowledges that deactivated Surplus CRUs will not be able to receive messages via Business Messaging. If company wants to thereafter reallocate the available seats, it is company’s responsibility to do so through the AT&T website originally provided to your company for Feature activation.


Emergency and Mass Notification — Additional Terms and Conditions: The Gateway and Feature are not intended to be, nor should be, used as a method of transmitting emergency notifications or broadcast mass notifications. First responders should not rely on this Feature for such situations. AT&T makes no Service Level Agreements (SLAs), guarantees or warranties with respect to the performance of the AT&T Business Messaging service in such situations. In such situations, the Gateway and Feature may be more susceptible to blocking, outages, delays and congestion, and greater risk of non-delivery.


Sending and/or Receiving Messages — Additional Terms and Conditions: Coverage not available in all areas. Availability, timeliness and reliability of Feature and Gateway are subject to radio and other transmission limitations. Delivery time is dependent upon the conditions prevailing at the time of submission and actual delivery and/or delivery within a specific period of time are not guaranteed. If your device or your intended recipient’s device is turned off, the device’s memory is full, or the device is outside the service area, the network will store and re-send any Message for up to 72 hours. Messages not delivered after 72 hours will be deleted. Maximum length allowed for all parts of the Message, including without limitation the recipient’s Business Messaging address/ phone number, is dependent on the protocol used to send the Message. Supported protocols include TAP (160 characters), SNPP (1,000 characters), SMTP (1,000 characters) and WCTP (1,000 characters). Two-way messaging and delivery receipts are available via the SNPP, SMTP and WCTP protocols. You may need to obtain a Sender ID to retrieve replies and delivery receipts via WCTP. See for additional information. Rendering and display of a Message that exceeds 160 characters may vary by device. Some devices may display Message in multiple parts. Any characters over the maximum Message length will be deleted. AT&T is a passive conduit in transmitting and storing Messages and is not responsible for content. AT&T does not guarantee security. If you use this Feature and/or Gateway to send or receive Messages containing company information, it is your responsibility to ensure your use complies with your company’s internal IT and security procedures. AT&T reserves the right to deny or terminate service, without notice, to any person that uses Feature and/or Gateway in any manner that adversely impacts the AT&T Gateway, network or service levels and/ or that violates any AT&T network or subscriber protective measures. Furthermore, AT&T reserves the right to deny or terminate service without notice for any misuse of Feature or Gateway, including without limitation, periods of excessive usage that AT&T, in its sole discretion, determines is the result of prohibited use(s). Additional hardware, software, subscription, Internet access from your compatible PC and or special network connection may be required. Eligibility requirements, pricing, features and service areas are subject to change without notice.


Technical Support — Additional Terms and Conditions: Technical support is provided to certain customers of Business Messaging by the AT&T Advanced Solutions Care (ASC) Helpdesk, and the ASC Helpdesk process outlined herein is intended for informational purposes only. AT&T may discontinue ASC Helpdesk support and/or modify ASC Helpdesk processes at any time at its sole discretion. ASC Helpdesk does not support third-party applications, all third-party applications are referred to applicable vendors. For access to ASC Helpdesk, your company must have a minimum of 250 devices activated with the Business Messaging feature (a minimum of 50 devices in the case of qualified public safety customers), and a Tier 1 helpdesk to support end users.


Business Notification Center — Additional Terms and Conditions: For access to the AT&T Business Notification Center web site ("BNC"), customer must have an eligible Feature provisioned on a compatible device. Customer agrees that use of the BNC will be in accordance with AT&T’s Acceptable Use Policy and will not be used for marketing, advertising, solicitation and/or mass notification purposes. The BNC may only be used to send messages to Business Messaging subscribers. If any messages are attempted to be sent from the BNC to any other (non-AT&T Business Messaging) wireless phone numbers, such messages will not be delivered. Messages sent from the BNC to an AT&T Business Messaging subscriber’s device are unlimited as are replies sent to the BNC from an AT&T Business Messaging subscriber’s device. Customer is responsible for ensuring accurate phone numbers are entered into the BNC address book and group distribution lists, and customer is responsible for removing any unwanted phone numbers from the BNC address book and group distribution lists. Use of the BNC is also subject to the terms and conditions presented during your BNC registration process.


Planned Maintenance Notifications: Notification email and/or text messages are available for scheduled Business Messaging maintenance operations by registering via By submitting the applicable request, you acknowledge that you are the authorized administrator for the specified account. These maintenance notifications are specific to the Business Messaging product and are only for preplanned maintenance windows. The notifications do not apply to standard SMS services, even if you have purchased a combination rate plan of standard SMS and Business Messaging.


White Listing Domain Names on SMTP to Filter Unwanted Messages — Additional Terms and Conditions: Customer must register each domain name with AT&T that will be allowed to send SMTP messages via the Gateway ("White Listing"). Once White Listing is enabled, unregistered domain names will not be allowed to send messages via SMTP through the Gateway to customer devices provisioned with the Feature. AT&T does not guarantee that all unwanted messages will be blocked from reaching such devices. Unwanted messages may still be sent via other protocols such as WCTP, SNPP, and TAP, or via consumer SMTP gateways.


Text, Instant and Picture/Video Messaging — Additional Terms and Conditions: Additional usage and other restrictions apply. Text, Instant and Picture/Video Messaging (“Messaging”) is subject to the Messaging terms in the applicable data or voice plan brochure, which terms can also be viewed at


Unlimited Mobile-to-Mobile Messaging — Additional Terms and Conditions: Additional usage and other restrictions apply. If you select a Feature that includes unlimited Mobile-to-Mobile Messaging (“M2M Messaging”), M2M Messaging is subject to the M2M Messaging terms in the applicable data or voice plan brochure, which terms can also be viewed at


AT&T Messaging Unlimited with Mobile to Any Mobile Calling Feature — Additional Terms and Conditions: Additional usage and other restrictions apply. If you select a Feature that includes AT&T Messaging Unlimited with Mobile to Any Mobile Calling Feature, AT&T Messaging Unlimited with Mobile to Any Mobile Calling Feature is subject to the AT&T Messaging Unlimited with Mobile to Any Mobile Calling Feature terms in the applicable data or voice plan brochure, which terms can also be viewed at

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