AT&T Custom IP Addressing Solutions

Private IP addresses: This is the default IP addressing solution on the AT&T data network. If you choose this option, your mobile devices will be dynamically assigned a private IP address for use with your private network. Combine this option with a VPN, and your devices can access corporate content—such as corporate intranet sites—from behind a firewall.

Public IP addresses: Public IP addresses can be dynamically assigned from a designated range of addresses for a specific business. Choosing a block of public IP addresses allows you to reinforce corporate security by adding a fixed block of wireless device IP addresses to your firewall. By using public IP addresses, your traffic can be routed via the Internet.

Static IP addresses: Business-critical applications that require a fixed IP address can take advantage of AT&T static IP addresses. With static IP addresses, a business can designate a range of public IP addresses to be assigned to their mobile users. Each time a mobile user signs on to the wireless data network, the network assigns the same IP address to the device from the designated range.

Customer-provided IP addresses: If you decide to provide your own IP address block for your mobile data configuration, you will essentially extend your company's wide area network to include the AT&T cellular network. This allows for simpler firewall configuration, as well as mobile device identification.

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