Coverage not available in all areas. Requires subscription to qualified AT&T DataConnect plan and compatible device. Terms of service will vary based on selected devices and service plans. Availability and reliability of service are subject to transmission limitations. Actual speeds depend on distance from the cell site, network availability and traffic, device, device configuration, compression applications, tasks, file size and other factors. Coverage areas vary between AT&T BroadbandConnect and EDGE. See for details. AT&T BroadbandConnect download speeds only available in AT&T BroadbandConnect markets. Not all features, service options or offers are available on all devices, rate plans or available for purchase or use in all areas. Additional software, hardware and/or subscription to other services may also be required. Additional restrictions apply. Service subject to the applicable service agreement, the corresponding rate plan brochure and coverage maps. Communication Manager and AT&T Wi-Fi Service are subject to terms and conditions of user agreement presented during software installation. User agreement can also be viewed at AT&T Communication Manager and Wi-Fi Service User Agreement

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