Small Business Reference Guide
December 11, 2012


Thank you for choosing wireless from AT&T as your primary wireless solutions provider! We are excited about our partnership and are committed to best-in-class wireless service and support for you and your End Users.

The purpose of this document is to provide a dynamic resource for small business owners as well as their company’s assigned Key Contacts and/ or Authorized Order Placers. This guide will assist those who administer corporate wireless voice and data programs.

This manual is not a binding agreement and is not to be considered inclusive of all processes. This manual is intended for those Key Contacts for AT&T Business Care customers that have a qualified contract with AT&T. Working hours, contact numbers, procedures and policies are subject to change without notice and may also vary based on your company’s preferences and contract.



AT&T Business Care Customer Support Model


AT&T has assembled industry-leading resources to provide business customers with the best return on wireless investments. With network reliability, high-impact voice and data solutions, wireless plan choices, and powerful wireless management tools, AT&T delivers the solutions you demand for your business.

At the core of AT&T’s business-to-business activities is AT&T Business Care. This is a nationally focused B2B organization that gives business customers access to dedicated professionals in the areas of sales, customer care, ordering, product and offer development, and solutions deployment who are focused solely on their specialized needs. AT&T Business Care works with customers through multiple channels:


  • Premier – a cost-effective, customizable and flexible online platform for your company’s Key Contacts and employees to purchase, activate, monitor, and manage their wireless portfolio. See
  • Key Contacts Care and AT&T Business Care dedicated business call centers, with specialized groups and unique tools and services to assist with business customer support and account management.
  • Account Team dedicated professionals committed to providing wireless business solutions that create business value for your organization.
  • AT&T Retail Stores a broad network of convenient locations to support your employees. See


Overview of Your Business Account


Account Hierarchy


Your Account Team will introduce you to the account hierarchy used for managing your wireless program, including Foundation Account Numbers (FANs) and Billing Account Numbers (BANs).


  • A FAN is a unique number that identifies your account throughout all AT&T markets. A FAN profile is used by Business Care to see your company’s preferences and discounts effective for any BAN attached to that particular FAN. You are required to know your FAN when ordering a new service or having a line enrolled in the program in order to get the company’s program benefits.
  • A BAN identifies a billing account that has one or more mobile numbers on the same account. As an example, mobile numbers belonging to the same department may be on the same BAN so that they are billed together and appear on the same paper bill.


User Account Types


You can have two different types of End User accounts:


  • A Corporate Responsibility User (CRU) account is an End User’s wireless account that is associated with a business customer’s contract for certain program benefits, and the business customer has financial responsibility for the account.
  • An AT&T Signature Discount customers account is an End User’s wireless account that is associated with a business customer’s contract for certain program benefits, but the customer maintains financial liability for their own account. You may hear us refer to this program as the "Signature Discount"


Sometimes here and in your contract, Signature Discount customers and CRUs are referred to collectively as simply “End Users”. Your Signature Discount customer accounts will be attached to a unique FAN, different from the FAN(s) that your CRUs are attached to.


Key Contacts


A Key Contact or Authorized Order Placer (AOP) is a business customer employee specifically authorized to place orders and requests on behalf of CRU lines. Key Contacts Care at 866-288-7629 can handle most requests for Key Contacts and AOPs. AT&T will only accept new CRU line activation orders and requests from AOPs. Contact your Account Team if you would like to add authorized order placer names or have PINs. Authorized User PINs are highly recommended for authorized order placers. Please note that authorized order placers cannot place orders for IRUs.


Your company FAN profiles are very important. The preferences that you request for your company profile affect every inbound call for all lines on that CRU FAN. Speak to your Account Team to clarify what transactions you would like to allow your End Users to be able to do (add features, change equipment, and so on). For example, maybe you would like your CRUs to be restricted from ordering upgrades, or perhaps only the Key Contacts/AOPs should be able to make changes. Different levels of access are possible. We will refer to your company profile to understand your company’s preferences for your CRU lines.



Verbal Identification


When calling Key Contacts Care, use your PIN and that will authorize you as the Key Contact for your FAN. If you need to obtain a new PIN or make PIN changes, call Key Contacts Care or contact your AT&T Business Care Business Account Team.


Business Program Types


  • AT&T Mobile Business Agreement is a special discounting program for small businesses that have up to 99 employees. Key Contacts call Key Contacts Care at 866-288-7629 or use their Premier website. See

  • AT&T Exclusively Business Program is our most exclusive program for small business customers, providing special promotions and waived activation fees. Key Contacts may use the AT&T Exclusively Business Center at 1-888-296-4561 or use their Premier website to order new activations. Key Contacts call Key Contacts Care at 866-288-7629 or use their Premier website. See

  • AT&T Smart Business Suite is the first integrated approach across the Wired and Mobility portfolios. It includes a differentiated, unified Business Voice over Internet Protocol (BVoIP), broadband and wireless offer, providing streamlined customer experience and support, with next generation infrastructure. Key Contacts call Key Contacts Care at 866-288-7629 or use their Premier website.


Social Media Resources


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  • Twitter
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