Wireless IP Options for Mobile Deployments

Wireless IP options for mobile workers - Wireless Internet Connectivity

Flexible IP Solutions to Meet Your Changing Needs


With networking needs constantly changing, you need wireless IP options that are flexible enough to support your unique IP requirements and will allow you to extend your software applications wirelessly. Through AT&T custom IP addressing, we can help you deploy an IP configuration to your mobile devices on the industry-leading AT&T cellular network.


Benefits of AT&T Custom IP Addressing


The use of custom IP addressing solutions allows you to tailor your company's wireless IP solution to meet the security and IP addressing requirements of your applications.


With all custom solutions, you choose the type of connection between your network and the AT&T cellular network. Choose between an AT&T MPLS solution, a direct Frame Relay connection, or a secure Internet connection, depending on your data transport requirements. From there, choose the custom IP option that works best for you:


 Private IP addresses: This is the default IP addressing solution on the AT&T Data network.


 Public IP addresses: Public IP addresses can be dynamically assigned from a designated range of addresses for a specific business.


 Static IP addresses: Business-critical applications that require a fixed IP address can take advantage of AT&T static IP addresses.


 Customer-provided IP addresses: If you decide to provide your own Public IP address block for your mobile data configuration, you will essentially extend your company's wide area network to include the AT&T cellular network. This allows for simpler firewall configuration, as well as mobile device identification.


Additional Custom Capabilities


In addition to specifying the type of IP addresses assigned to the mobile devices and the connectivity method, custom IP solutions can also provide data traffic flow control benefits.


Available options include:




  • Restricting general Internet access
  • Allowing or disallowing mobile terminated data
  • Allowing or disallowing direct mobile-to-mobile data sessions


Pricing Structure
  One-Time Setup Charge Monthly Service Charge
Private IPs—dynamically assigned* No charge No charge
Static Public IPs $500 $3 per static IP address
Dynamic Public IPs No charge No charge
Customer-provided public IPs* None None
Custom APN setup $500 None
Dedicated APN setup $250 None


* Custom APN required.






Determining the right IP solution.


In order to understand the application requirements that will drive the appropriate IP management solution, there are several questions that you need to ask yourself.


What type of application will be used?


This determines the degree of customization necessary, and whether IP addresses are:




  • Private versus public
  • Dynamic versus static
  • From a specified range, and if so, whether you or AT&T supply the range



What type of data transport is required between your network and the AT&T cellular network?


This determines the approach for connectivity between your corporate network and the core AT&T cellular network. In addition to plain Internet transport, AT&T offers Private Mobile Connection, which provides MPLS, Frame Relay, and Network VPN connectivity options between your corporate network and the AT&T cellular network.


What are your application security requirements?


This determines:




  • Whether the network should allow your mobile devices to have access to mobile terminated communications or mobile-to-mobile communications
  • Whether the network should allow your mobile devices to communicate with the Internet
  • The allowed range of IP addresses of hosts on external networks

These questions should be discussed with your AT&T account team to make the right decision to ensure that your application is optimized for the AT&T network.



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