Send and Receive Texts Through Your Current Landline

Open your landline – and business – to texting.

Phoning or emailing just doesn’t seem to reach customers like it once did. Too often, you can’t reach an interested customer because calls are diverted to voicemail. Or, staff send appointment reminders only to find that customers just aren’t picking up the phone or responding to voice messages.


Fortunately, AT&T Landline Texting can help you reach your customers, and in the way that many of them prefer.


Reach your customers


Surveys show that 81% of mobile phone users actively send and receive texts.* And 64% of consumers say that they prefer businesses that offer texting as a customer channel option.** Show customers that you’re easy to do business with. Reach them easily and help them communicate with you when and how they choose.



Make your landline smarter


Use your toll-free and landline phone numbers to send and receive text messages. Communicate more effectively and efficiently with your customers via text, from the phone number your customers already know for your business. AT&T Landline Texting makes it easy.


Be more efficient


Take advantage of the simplicity and immediacy of texting with AT&T Landline Texting. Schedule appointments, verify deliveries, confirm reservations, and answer sales questions, all from your existing landline or toll-free number.


Easy access


AT&T Landline Texting allows others to text to your existing landline or toll-free phone number. Read the text, respond to it, or send a new text using your Web browser or wireless device. It’s that simple.


Easy setup


Simply register your existing toll-free or landline phone number with AT&T. You’ll be ready to send and receive text messages using your landline number and virtually any Internet-connected device.


Easy to use


Read incoming messages, send a response, or send new messages from your browser or wireless device. No new equipment is required, and you can stay with your current landline or toll-free service provider.


Easy to manage


Easily manage your contacts list, create groups, add a custom signature to your messages, set up a personalized auto-reply, and more. Even more productivity tools are just a tap away.


Plays well with others


Tailor a texting solution to your specific business needs with the AT&T Landline Texting API (application programming interface). Call your customers to action with a “call or text us” message. Discover new and even more ways to integrate your business applications and systems with the AT&T Landline Texting platform. And then look forward to reaching your customers, anytime, practically anywhere.


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AT&T Landline Texting Product Brief

AT&T Landline Texting - API Product Brief


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