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Mobile Application Development from AT&T is a comprehensive suite of products and services that provides your organization a holistic way to build and execute your mobile strategy.


With Mobile Application Development from AT&T you can design, build, deploy, and manage dynamic mobile applications for business-to-business (B2B), business-to-enterprise (B2E), and business-to-consumer (B2C) uses. Mobilize your own workflows and processes, including integration with existing applications, mainframes, supply chain management, and back-end databases. The Mobile Application Development managed solution delivers integrated content, applications, and services to most devices, virtually anywhere, at nearly any time, for both employees and consumers.


Using AT&T Mobile Application Development from AT&T, building intuitive, self-service, premises-based mobile applications that are easy to manage and maintain becomes a reality. AT&T technology can also deliver complex, multi-carrier, multi-device solutions that are managed end-to-end in a hosted environment, providing predictive security at the network, device, application levels, tested and certified end-to-end.


AT&T Value

  • Provides a distinctive customer experience.
  • Manages implementation of the mobile application throughout the customer solution lifecycle.
  • Integrates the appropriate platform across multiple carriers and devices.
  • Designs, develops, deploys, hosts, and manages mobility solutions, incorporating hardware, software, and services to ensure success.
  • Provides the latest technology to continually offer an optimal solution and flexibility.


Potential Benefits

  • Offers an end-to-end solution.
  • Increases productivity and effectiveness.
  • Helps improve revenue.
  • Increases agility and access to critical applications.
  • Helps reduce costs and improve return on investment.
  • Improves information flow and worker management.

Mobile Application Development from AT&T is composed of at least two parts: a platform (Native, HTML5, or Hybrid) and a mobile client application. They can also include management tools and a development environment.


Platform—The mobile enterprise application platform (MEAP), one component of Mobile Application Development from AT&T, promises the efficiency of a write-once, deploy-everywhere solution. The platform offers design framework, templates, forms, back-end integration, and middleware for both customer- and employee-facing applications under one umbrella. In this model, providers manage the infrastructure needed to support the next new device and embed intuitive expertise in the mobile interface design, which results in fast deployment. No data is stored in the platform; data is managed from the back-end system to the mobile device and back. The platform handles system integration, security, communications, scalability, and cross-platform support.


Mobile client application—Software that connects the device to the platform and drives both the user interface and business logic on the device.


Mobile applications can often transfer seamlessly across the mobile operating system as a platform for launching applications. You can deploy mobile applications as thick or thin applications—that is, native applications installed on the device (thick) or applications rendered in the device's browser using technologies such as HTML5 (thin).


Whether you deploy the application as a thick or thin version depends on application complexity, device support, user experience requirements, and the need for application availability in the absence of network coverage.


Management Tools—Tools for managing users, devices, profiles, security and policies, and reports (for example, platform status and usage statistics).


Development Environment—Tools used to develop cross-platform mobile applications in an internal development environment. The environment can include graphical front-ends for code editing, compilation, documentation, source versioning, change management, debugging, and profiling. It can also include test tools, enablers, and a development community.

The Mobile Application Development from AT&T managed solution includes software, Web hosting, and professional and managed services to help your business run more smoothly.


Our managed solution software lets you manage applications in a visual development environment, updates applications in real time without application redeployment, and provides interaction with back-end systems. The managed solution software also provides offline operation, enabling access to fully functional applications offline. You can pick up where you left off as soon as you're reconnected.


With the Mobile Application Development from AT&T managed solution, you receive support through the AT&T Internet Data Center (IDC), a highly secure, reliable, high-efficiency foundation for your application and infrastructure needs. Get help desk support 24/7, application and device support, solution deployment, including problem reporting, triage, and escalation, and more. On average, you receive two managed solution software upgrades a year.

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