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Fleet Management

Wirelessly Track, Monitor, and Enable Your Fleet.


Higher productivity for an industry on the go

AT&T Fleet Management Solutions deliver the information you need, when you need it. We provide real-time information you can put to work to cut fuel costs, avoid non-compliance problems, keep customers satisfied, and reduce overtime while you get more done every day.


Through our consultative approach and deep industry knowledge, we design and support solutions that help any size or type of fleet—motor carriers, private fleets, taxi and livery services, and air and rail support operations—improve driver productivity; manage, track, and monitor physical assets; optimize routes; streamline operations and lower costs.


Advantages of wireless fleet management

With AT&T Fleet Management Solutions, you get real results from real-time information. By using our solutions to capture location-based information, you can:

  • Stay compliant with CSA and Hours of Service (HOS) regulations. Electronic monitoring can improve fatigue management and keep drivers within allowable hours of service.
  • Lower fuel consumption and costs. Reducing idling time on your fleet of trucks can potentially save your business thousands of dollars.
  • Increase driver safety. Monitored drivers are safer drivers.
  • Avoid fines. Fines for excessive idling can be costly. Minimize idling and the risk of penalties by optimizing routes and encouraging good practices.
  • Eliminate paper processes. Automating logs, timesheets, and other paperwork adds up to big savings in driver productivity.
  • Lower labor costs and get more done. Improved efficiency reduces overtime and overall payroll expenses.


Solution benefits

AT&T Fleet Management Solutions give you constant visibility into fleet operations, enabling increased productivity, efficiency, and competitiveness. We can help you replace expensive satellite systems and wasteful paper processes with cost-effective mobile devices and technologies from your industry’s leading providers of fleet management, navigation, route optimization, and proof-of-delivery systems and software.


Drive downs costs. Increase profits.

Labor and fuel are oftentimes a fleet’s biggest expenses. We provide ways to help you bring both under control. Intelligent dispatching, for example, uses GPS-enabled location-based services so you can deploy the closest vehicle for a job. By optimizing routes, you can save your business time, labor, and fuel costs, and help your drivers stay in compliance with HOS regulations. And the ability to remotely monitor vehicles helps you pinpoint problems, so you can save fuel and avoid fines.


Maximize driver productivity.

Eliminating time-consuming paperwork and manual administrative processes helps reduce errors and frees up your drivers to focus on their core responsibilities. Our solutions allow dispatchers to send delivery schedules and manifests directly to a driver’s mobile device. In field service operations, drivers can collect job data and document proof of delivery, then transmit into back-office systems. Drivers can also use their mobile devices to submit timecard information directly into your payroll system. Our solutions can also maximize office staff productivity by automating administrative tasks.


Optimize asset utilization.

The application of real-time wireless data enables you to more effectively manage vehicles and other assets. Automatic reporting of vehicle condition helps you identify when to schedule routine maintenance and avoid expensive repairs that could put your vehicles out of commission. In addition, real-time data on vehicle location, enhanced with the ability to remotely shut off the engine, can help you avoid unnecessary fuel, insurance, and liability costs.


Improve customer satisfaction.

Ultimately, the goal of your business is to best serve your customers. AT&T Fleet Management Solutions provide the tools you need to improve response time and customer satisfaction. Automated dispatch, for example, helps taxi, limo, courier, and field service operations match the right vehicle to the requirements of the given job. Whereas your competition might provide a 4- or 8-hour window for when the customer can expect service, our real-time location tracking enables you to give your customers a narrower, more reliable ETA for their delivery or service technician.


Ask an AT&T business expert how our Fleet Management Solutions can meet your needs and improve your bottom line. 


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