AT&T Mobile Application Management

AT&T Mobile Application Management (MAM), powered by Apperian® EASE®, is a strategic platform that empowers you, as an administrator, to easily deploy and manage mobile applications for your workforce.


AT&T MAM is a cloud-based, highly scalable, and engaging management platform for both employees and administrators. Employees enjoy an intuitive, branded application catalog to easily access applications, updates, and content. Administrators benefit from an elegant and powerful management dashboard to tailor application deployments, analyze application usage, and control application lifecycle.

AT&T MAM Benefits for Employees
Your workers will enjoy a native, branded application catalog from which they can choose applications, view specs, and access support. They can also:


  • Locate and easily install applications.
  • Read and view mobile application details.
  • Receive notification of application updates.
  • Access IT support.
  • Access multiple forms of rich content (PDF, PPT, video, and audio).

AT&T MAM Benefits for IT Staff

AT&T MAM simplifies the process of delivering new applications and updates to workers. The effective and well-designed management dashboard lets your IT staff easily manage application distribution and lifecycle. Using the dashboard, IT staff can:


  • Add and update applications.
  • Authorize individual users or groups to use mobile applications.
  • View the status of users and analyze application use across the organization.
  • Create automatic updates for applications, configurations, and provisioning profiles.
  • Apply compliance checks so that only trusted employees can access the catalog.
  • Decommission applications in case of device loss or when employees leave the organization.

AT&T MAM Benefits for Developers
Your developers can quickly and easily create highly secure applications by leveraging:


  • The AT&T MAM software developer toolkit (SDK).
  • The AT&T developer templates.
  • AT&T MAM as a testing platform for new applications.


AT&T MAM gives you a client-branded application catalog and a rich, cloud-based management platform so you can focus on application development to support your organization.


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