AT&T MDM: Simple and Intuitive

AT&T MDMSM is ideal for any organization that requires essential device and application management without significant capital and technical investment. AT&T MDM offers a world-class solution for protecting organization assets and mobile data by providing:


  • Hosting in state-of-the-art data centers.
  • Simple pricing with a per-user pricing model that supports up to three devices per user.
  • Help desk to help desk support from the AT&T Application Service Desk that comes standard with your service. Available Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. local time.
  • Optional Application+ and Security+ add-ons to customize your solution.



  • Cloud-based
  • One platform for managing mobile solutions
  • Straightforward on-boarding and provisioning of devices, mobile apps, and content
  • Permits IT administrators to track devices’ locations (with revocable user permission)
  • Optional added services to provide a customized solution



  • No need for additional hardware investment
  • Pay-per-user pricing allows your money to go farther and protect more devices
  • Basic support desk services included at no additional charge
  • Intuitive interface for administrators and end users
Mobile Management Administration Pricing Security   

A solution should streamline the workload. AT&T MDM does just that with one platform to manage devices and users. The AT&T Mobility Management Platform (MMP) offers an integrated platform that provides flexibility in creating the exact solution your business requires.


  • Manage enterprise- and employee-owned devices on a highly secure single platform.
  • Bundle AT&T MDM with other AT&T mobile solutions.
  • Enable Single Sign-On (SSO) into third-party applications and portals.


Forget about the cumbersome and complex deployments that keep IT teams up at night. AT&T MDM has been engineered to be uncomplicated and intuitive, allowing for a seamless process to on-board and manage.


  • Configuration: Define email, Wi-Fi, passcode, and VPN settings and push them to devices upon registration.
  • Setup: Invite users to enroll via email and install the application on their mobile devices by following a simple workflow.
  • Distribution: Establish and populate mobile app and content catalogs; automatic prompts help ensure that users install required apps.
  • Management: Monitor devices and enforce policies on devices that are out of compliance. Retire a device if it’s lost or stolen, or if the user leaves the organization.
  • Support: Contact our Application Service Desk for end-to-end support if needed. Free access is included with AT&T MDM.


This simplified solution allows administrators to reliably and effectively manage an organization’s mobile device inventory, regardless of the size and capacity of the IT department.


Device Management

Manage, monitor, and control the organization’s devices from a centralized platform that enables you to:


  • Create role-based permissions.
  • Provision devices and users.
  • View mobile usage.
  • Identify out-of-compliance devices.
  • Set passcode configurations.

AT&T MDM includes a license and support fee in one per-user price. Each license covers up to three devices per user. Support is available Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. local time. You can also upgrade to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week support offered by our Application Service Desk.

AT&T MDM is a cloud-based solution that hosts your service in a highly secure data center while you maintain control of managing the organization's devices, applications, and rollouts with no additional hardware investment.


Data Protection

If a device is lost, stolen, or retired, you can remotely wipe it to remove organizational content, while personal information stays intact.



Establish and distribute mobile app and content catalogs with automatic prompts to help ensure that users install required apps. Identify and enforce policies for out-of-compliance devices.

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