NetMotion Mobility and NetMotion Locality from AT&T Mobile VPN Solution

NetMotion Wireless Mobile VPN Solution.

Do you have a highly mobile workforce that needs secure reliable wireless access to crucial data and applications? Whether workers visit multiple locations in a single day or roam between floors and offices, they need to maintain authentication into applications while they access different networks, cross coverage gaps, or suspend and resume connectivity with their devices. NetMotion® Mobility and NetMotion Locality from AT&T are built specifically to address the challenges of mobile environments.


NetMotion Mobility from AT&T is a client-server software-only mobile VPN for the most popular operating systems. It’s designed for highly mobile workers who need secure, reliable wireless access to critical data and applications on their enterprise networks and systems. Workers can conduct business from many sites, or roam between buildings on one site, like a corporate campus, and still maintain authentication into applications while they access different networks, cross coverage gaps, or suspend and resume their devices.


The NetMotion Locality from AT&T wireless network performance management solution helps eliminate guesswork while saving costs. NetMotion Locality gathers real field data to help your organization make informed business decisions about your wireless investments that can help reduce support costs, help boost mobile worker productivity, and proactively optimize your mobile data deployments. Whether you choose NetMotion Locality as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution with subscription-based pricing (Locality Hosted) or as an on-premises solution, NetMotion Locality from AT&T measures and monitors the devices in your mobile deployment and the wireless networks on which they operate.


NetMotion Mobility can:

  • Increase effective throughput across wireless networks.
  • Protect the VPN tunnel and applications from data loss or multiple logins when suspending and resuming devices or transitioning across networks, without having to reauthenticate.
  • Provide support for all of the most popular operating system devices: laptops, tablets, pocket PCs, and smartphones.


NetMotion Mobility Key Features

  • Single sign-on authentication
  • Two-factor security and strong encryption
  • Application session persistence
  • Software-only solution


NetMotion Locality can:

  • Improve productivity through optimal network technologies.
  • Reduce costs through device management.
  • Increase efficiency by eliminating chronic issues.
  • Improve productivity through real-time access.


NetMotion Locality Key Features:

  • Field data gathering
  • Device and network measuring and monitoring
  • Centralized control
  • Robust reporting and deployment options

Optional Management and Reporting Modules

  • Mobility Analytics Module—Provides proactive management and visibility into mobile deployments.
  • Mobility Network Access Control Module—Enforces mobile device security and compliance policies.
  • Mobility Policy Management Module—Allows you to create and enforce security policies based on business needs.


Annual Maintenance


Maintenance is required for the first year on all NetMotion Mobility purchases through AT&T. After the first year, maintenance is optional on perpetual license purchases.


Get Set Up for Success


At AT&T we understand that your mobile data deployment is unique and has its own set of challenges. From the system environment to related applications, to user acceptance, all play a role in creating a successful deployment. That’s why AT&T offers you access to Professional Services from NetMotion Wireless. It’s the best way to ensure you get the most out of your NetMotion Wireless from AT&T software solution from day one.


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