SafeCell Enterprise® Powered by AT&T

Safer Driving Made Simple

SafeCell Enterprise® powered by AT&T is a comprehensive solution that addresses the issue of DWD (driving while distracted). Use SafeCell Enterprise within your company fleet to manage texting, emailing, and Internet browsing while driving and enforce established regulatory and corporate device usage policies.


SafeCell Enterprise Top 10 Core Features


  • Blocks inbound texts, calls, emails, and Internet use.
  • Disables outbound texts, calls, emails, and Internet use.
  • Provides Web-based user account access.
  • Provides an application program interface (API) with telematics.
  • Enables you to assign multiple users to a single manager.
  • Includes audible and visual prompts of cellular use laws.
  • Pushes cellular laws based on GPS location and a national repository for implemented laws.
  • Provides custom corporate wireless policy configuration and push capabilities.
  • Allows group and individual monitoring of policy adherence.
  • Requires no user interaction.


SafeCell Enterprise is designed to meet corporate policies at several different levels. You can configure SafeCell Enterprise to apply a broad range of policies across company devices (global policies), apply a subset of policies to a group such as Fleet Operations (unique policies), or apply specific policies at an individual level, like non-fleet drivers (individual policies).


SafeCell Enterprise works in conjunction with automotive vehicle location (AVL) and Fleet Management solutions, enabling you to integrate your existing AVL and Fleet Management telemetry into SafeCell Enterprise using a standard XML inbound data file. You can view the resulting data at group and individual levels within the SafeCell Enterprise Admin and Manager portals.


Admin Portal Features

  • Configure default corporate and individual policies.
  • Create company emergency numbers and optional individual numbers by account.
  • Run group and individual trip reports, and review license status for all users.
  • Modify or delete existing accounts.


Manager Portal Features

  • Monitor direct reports.
  • View cumulative violations in a graphical representation.
  • Download violations to a comma-separated values (CSV) file for review.


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