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You can save money, get control of your operations, and improve the productivity of your workforce and assets. Telenav Track® from AT&T combines the latest advances in GPS, wireless, and Web technologies to make mobile workforce and asset management an affordable reality for businesses of all sizes.


Telenav Track from AT&T allows you to locate your mobile workforce in near real-time, dispatch jobs to the field without paper, collect timecards electronically, capture data from the field at the time of service, and can help workers drive more efficiently. And Telenav Track from AT&T provides rich reporting, giving you greater control of your business and workforce.


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Key Features and Customer Benefits*


GPS Tracking with Alerts


See what happens in the field every minute of the day:


  • View employees' locations, stop history, and current status on a map
  • View the status of a dispatched job in real-time
  • Managers can view field personnel location from their handsets
  • Get alerts for speeding violations, stops, geofence entry/exit, or other parameters you define



Wireless Dispatching


Drastically reduce paperwork with wireless dispatching:


  • Schedule new jobs and be notified when completed
  • Have job workflow date, time, and location-stamped
  • Create or delete jobs from the handset
  • Get alerts when jobs or workers don't start or finish on time, deliveries don't meet expected transit window, dispatched jobs don't reach the handset, and more



GPS Navigation


Gives mobile workers visual and audible turn-by-turn driving directions with automatic re-route so they drive fewer miles:


  • Works seamlessly with dispatched jobs and work orders
  • Workers can get to work sites faster and with less fuel consumption
  • Use Business Finder to find a location and then map it, drive to it, call it, or save it for later



Wireless Forms


Reduce paperwork and data re-entry while improving the quality of data captured in the field:


  • Capture data from the field and send it back in real time to the website
  • Recreate any form of process with 18 field types (including signature and photo) and branching logic
  • Attach forms to jobs sent to employees and to timesheets
  • Integrate forms and data with other systems



Wireless Timecards


Streamline time card collection and payroll processing and help make payroll more accurate:


  • Workers clock in and out and record breaks from their wireless devices
  • Team Timecard lets supervisors clock in/out individuals or entire teams from one device
  • Voice Timecard lets users enter time punches using voice commands from their phones
  • Capture labor codes with every time punch
  • Specify overtime rules and view a breakdown of a worker's timesheet
  • Integrate with ADP® and other payroll and back-office systems


Telenav Track customers enjoy free telephone, email, and Web support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Telenav provides in-house deployment, and integration teams ensure that your company starts realizing the savings and other benefits from Telenav Track quickly.


Telenav Track from AT&T is a great fit for transportation, field service, construction, home healthcare, insurance, and public sector applications.


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Important Information


*Telenav Track 4.1 and associated features are not supported on all GPS-enabled devices.


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