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In today's business world, consumerization of IT is impacting organizations’ conventional approach to mobility management. Employees want to use their device of choice to access information nearly anytime and anywhere. Organizations need to protect their data and minimize the risk of data breaches yet still allow their workforce to remain productive by accessing important business information.


AT&T Toggle® can help. AT&T Toggle is a global* bring-your-own-device (BYOD) solution that can help maintain end user personal privacy while enabling organizational control of enterprise applications in a highly secure workspace on employee owned devices.


AT&T Toggle helps reduce the complexity and cost of managing mobile applications, content, and devices. With a flexible policy management system and separated work and personal identities, AT&T Toggle delivers satisfaction on nearly any device, carrier, and operating system.


* AT&T Toggle is not available for downloading and/or use in all countries.  Please contact your AT&T sales representative for more information.

Dual Persona Security Mobile Management Split Billing   

AT&T Toggle® addresses the needs of end users and organizations by providing a highly secure work persona on the employee’s personal device. AT&T Toggle creates a password-protected work environment so organizations can control and distribute corporate applications and content. To further maintain separation of work and personal, AT&T Toggle allows for data allotment options on employee-owned devices.


  • Work mode: Users enter the work environment where they can access corporate email, applications, calendars, and more, just like on a company-owned device.
  • Personal mode: Users can send messages to friends, watch TV and movies, and play games. Personal activities remain separate from work responsibilities.

AT&T Toggle® provides end-to-end protection. The solution delivers an application environment that can help address the various security requirements within an organization. Data is protected at rest and in transit with application level VPN, on device encryption, and network security controls.


Built with security at its core, AT&T Toggle provides a password-protected environment enhanced with the following features:


  • Antivirus/Anti-Malware—Checks both personal and corporate workspaces for known viruses, such as Trojan horses and malware. (Available for U.S. users only and for Android™ devices only.)
  • Application Level VPN—Enables highly secure transport from the AT&T Toggle workspace to organization assets.
  • Integration with Corporate Directory—Use of a highly secure gateway that integrates existing Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)/Active Directory (AD) environments with the cloud-based AT&T Toggle administration console for simplified user device management.

AT&T Toggle® can help organizations address the full range of mobile management needs with one solution:


  • Application and content management—Enables distribution of applications and content to an entire workforce or to individuals based on their roles and responsibilities.
  • Mobility management platform—Manage multiple solutions from a single console; for example, control disparate management systems, MobileIron® from AT&T and AT&T Toggle, from the same administration portal using the same username and password (subject to availability).
  • Third-Party App ecosystem—Manage and distribute available third-party approved applications in the AT&T Toggle workspace (organizations). Developers and vendors can enable their commercially available application to be secured for enterprise use in the AT&T Toggle workplace.
  • Enhanced application wrapping—Adds a layer of security to an application without requiring developers to modify the application.
  • Document viewer—Enables the viewing and editing of many common file types within the AT&T Toggle workspace. (Android™ devices only.)
  • Internet browser—Enables organizations to control end user access to Internet and intranet websites using a highly secure interface.
  • Data usage management—Provides end-users with an estimate of data usage within the Toggle workspace, by connection type and application, regardless of wireless provider.
  • Separate email—Help protect organization data and email attachments in the AT&T Toggle workspace by using AES 256-bit encryption to protect organization data from personal data.


From the workspace to the network, AT&T Toggle is designed to be a highly secure and easy-to-use mobility management platform.

Split Billing is currently only available to U.S. customers and their employees who are U.S. residents.


AT&T Toggle® helps organizations manage wireless expense through their BYOD rollout with a data allotment on personal devices. Employees pay for their data usage in excess of the allotment.


  • AT&T Toggle Data: Employees are provided a data allotment for business use.  This feature is available for employees who subscribe to certain AT&T wireless services data plans.   
  • AT&T Toggle Voice: Employees are provided with a business phone number as well as a business voicemail and caller ID. AT&T Toggle voice is a carrier-agnostic service that is delivered via a mobile VoIP app. 

How It Works

AT&T Toggle is a highly secure cloud-based mobile workspace management solution providing a virtual office on up to three employee personal devices. The organization distributes the application to the employee for download through AT&T Toggle Hub. Once the employee downloads the AT&T Toggle application on his device, the employee must enter a password to access the protected work environment. From this secure workspace, the  employee can access organization-approved applications, business contacts, and work emails. If the employee needs to access personal information, he exits the AT&T Toggle workspace and can have access to his personal information, outside of the highly secure workspace.


Potential Benefits

  • Automatically enable, suspend, or remove users as required.
  • Ensure that only known and trusted applications and application versions can run in the highly secure workspace.
  • Block access to corporate content through enterprise specific systems.
  • Use AT&T Toggle on up to three devices for one flat monthly rate.



  • Enhanced application wrapping
  • Application-level VPN support
  • Near real-time virus and malware protection (U.S. users and Android devices only)
  • Active Directory Integration


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