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Taking the Office to the Field


TotalMobile from AT&T helps you easily mobilize a single process, department, or an entire workforce from a single installation. It integrates with your current systems and databases so you can extend your existing investments to efficiently mobilize your workforce.




Potential Benefits

You have escalating operational costs and reduced efficiencies due to paper-based processes and outdated methods of information collection and storage.

A platform of applications that provides mobile solutions for different groups of workers across your enterprise so they can complete jobs in the field without additional paperwork.


Automated and streamlined  operations that effectively extend your business to the field and can help increase productivity and reduce administrative costs.

Field workers struggle to make good decisions because they don’t have access to the information and applications that they need.

Customer information and other information necessary to quickly complete a job or task available at your workers’ fingertips.


An efficient and productive mobile workforce that can respond quickly to changing customer and operational needs.

Management battles to effectively manage and deploy mobile operations.

Applications that you can customize to maneuver your mobile workforce quickly and cost-effectively.

Integrated mobile applications that help manage and deploy corporate resources.



How Does It Work?

The TotalMobile solution is a packaged mobile application platform that integrates with your existing back-office systems and applications to provide complete mobile working solutions across the enterprise from a single installation. It uses a flexible toolkit and XML-based messaging to integrate with your current systems and databases in an Enterprise Oriented Architecture strategy. You deploy it at the Enterprise IT level and then customize it across departments based on your specific job functions and tasks.


TotalMobile from AT&T is compatible with the following operating systems: Android, iOS, BlackBerry®, and Windows®.


Two-Way Flow of Real-Time Information

By providing a two-way flow of information, TotalMobile can help increase productivity and efficiency. You can:


  • Identify, document, and report incidents and alert appropriate people in the field.
  • Dispatch, schedule, and monitor worker activity.
  • Access customer information, history, manuals, and specifications while on the go.
  • Receive and manage appointments or workloads and automatically report on progress.
  • Send communication bulletins without using email.
  • Back up data automatically so it's available even out of communication range.
  • Download data in the background for fast access later.
  • Purge previously accessed information when it's no longer necessary.


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