Mobile Device Solutions

With IT managers under increasing pressure to improve efficiencies in the deployment of enterprise-wide solutions, it can be a daunting task to onboard new technology and projects given limited capacity and staff. By transferring activities to a partner with the processes, systems, and procedures in place to handle this work, in-house resources can be freed up to focus on other mission-critical projects, and the organization can minimize overhead related to new technology.


Solution Overview
Deployment Services from AT&T provide rapid implementation of mobile solutions through a world-class delivery organization that meets client business objectives and provides enhanced customer value. We specialize in creating, deploying, and supporting enterprise mobility solutions for hardware-based solutions such as for ruggedized devices, tablets, or smartphones.


The solutions include:


  • Device Deployment. AT&T provides mobile device “Staging and Kitting,” which includes a detailed strategy and execution plan for mobile device integration and rollout for your business. The service offers user account setup, application loading, QA operational testing, and end-to-end project management through receipt of a ready-to-use device by an end user.
  • Device Support. Rolling out a mobility solution is only part of the challenge. Device support is a logical extension of the project. AT&T offers call center services that can significantly offload support and responsibility from your company’s IT staff.
  • Device Protection. There will inevitably be times when a device needs to be repaired or replaced. Regardless of whether the device is damaged, defective, or stolen, AT&T helps you protect your investment with the Advanced Exchange and Warranty program.
  • Device Recycling and Refresh. With new devices launching every year, businesses want to take advantage of the technology advancements in enabling and improving their mobile productivity and capabilities. AT&T offers your business an environmentally safe way to recycle and replace older or no longer usable devices.
  • The Demo Program. AT&T provides an opportunity for you to learn about and try out our solutions, devices, and applications before making purchase decisions. Our demo program lets you test the latest devices and enterprise applications in our portfolio to assess your business-specific connectivity, security, and functional requirements in a controlled environment.


Solution Benefits
Companies using Deployment Services from AT&T find that:


  • The experience, scale, and global reach that AT&T provides when developing, deploying, managing, and supporting their solution reduces the risk of investment.
  • Deployment Services offers flexible deployment options and low cost of ownership.
  • Their deployment risk is reduced.
  • Vendor management is simplified when AT&T is allowed to manage device deployment, warranty service, and reverse logistics.
  • Decreasing time-to-implementation can help put them ahead of their competitors and achieve ROI goals sooner.
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