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Field Service Management with pdvConnect from AT&T

Organizations can utilize pdvConnect from AT&T to assist with field service management. This application allows mobile workers to dictate, document and share time-sensitive information from virtually any mobile device.

Mobile workers and dispatchers can communicate quickly and efficiently using pdvConnect Standard from AT&T and pdvConnect Pro from AT&T. Mobile workers can dictate by voice, document, and share time-sensitive information with dispatchers or other mobile workers. With pdvConnect Pro from AT&T, dispatchers can see mobile workers’ statuses, voice-based messages, photo documentation, and mapped locations for efficient field service management.

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Mobile workers who call into central offices often waste time with long hold times or busy signals. Dispatchers juggle incoming calls from workers—often with no visibility into the importance, location, or status of the call.


Organizations can solve these problems with pdvConnect from AT&T. By significantly reducing the number of calls made to the central office and between mobile workers, pdvConnect from AT&T keeps workers moving. Mobile workers can send voice recordings, photos,* and issues to call centers without delay. Dispatchers can prioritize incoming issues from mobile workers by scanning message subject lines to assign importance levels. With pdvConnect Pro, administrators can view photos, time stamps, and locations for each documented issue from their field workers.


Potential Benefits for Dispatchers, Supervisors, and Office Workers

Administrators can access a Web-based command console for efficient triaging of inbound messages, and dispatch messages to mobile workers or work groups. Administrators can:


  • Scan customized message subject lines to help prioritize the most important calls and distribute the workload among administrators and field service dispatch.
  • Contact and respond to mobile workers quickly.
  • Identify a worker’s location on a map—including the proximity to an address—to dispatch other workers quickly.*


Potential Benefits for Mobile Workers

Mobile workers can use their mobile device to communicate quickly and efficiently. Workers can:


  • Document field incidences by voice to reduce their distractions and improve safety.
  • Significantly reduce time spent on hold with administrators.
  • Provide proof of performance and resolve customer disputes by including photos, time stamps, and geo-location (GPS fleet tracking) for each field incident.*


Supported Devices and Operating Systems

The pdvConnect from AT&T application works on all feature phones available from AT&T (including the Samsung® Rugby III) as well as smartphones with the following operating systems:


  • Android version 2.1 and higher
  • Apple® iOS
  • BlackBerry®
  • Windows® 7 and 8 and Windows® Mobile Standard and Windows® Mobile Professional



Every organization faces a unique set of challenges managing and communicating with its mobile workforce. With pdvConnect from AT&T—a cloud-based wireless application—mobile workers, dispatchers, and managers can communicate and share time-sensitive information. It’s a field service management solution designed for organizations with a workforce that frequently calls the home office or call center with status updates and field issues that require fast resolution.


For Dispatchers. The Web-based Command Center Console allows one or more dispatchers to prioritize inbound communications by scanning message subjects, viewing photos, and checking location time stamps. With pdvConnect’s Intelligent Queuing feature, you customize message subject lines that field workers use in their communications so that dispatchers can sort and prioritize messages from the field. For example, dispatchers can address the most important messages first by sorting messages with pre-determined subject lines such as “Service Outage-Critical” or “Job Close Out-Non Critical.” Dispatchers can send voice messages to an individual field worker or to a group, and receive proof that the recipient has listened to each message. And with pdvConnect Pro, dispatchers can identify field workers in real time on a map, or a worker’s current status and route on a selected day.


For Field Workers. Using their mobile devices, field workers can log events with location, photos,* and voice messages without waiting on hold or getting a busy signal from the home office or call center. When a field worker receives a text message, they select the appropriate pre-defined subject line and push a button to provide a voice response—no text messaging is required for a reply. The messages are date- and time-stamped and include the location where the message was recorded. All message data is archived for future reference.



The pdvConnect Standard from AT&T application offers key essential capabilities, and pdvConnect Pro from AT&T includes additional premium features. There is a one-time activation fee of $19.99 per user.


pdvConnect Standard and Pro Features and Comparisons

pdvConnect Standard

$12.99 per user

per month

pdvConnect Pro

$19.99 per user

per month

Use voice to document issues and statuses from the field.



Submit one-touch mobile timecards and export card reports.



Respond to inbound voice messages by their customized subject lines.



View color coding and priorities based on custom subject lines.



View basic reports and metrics on office staff and call center.



Submit photo documentation of field events.



Send messages with location stamps.



View all text messages and all voice responses with a text message.



Listen to a worker’s last few messages from a map; respond by text message.



View traffic reports in route areas.



View location stamps on mobile timecards; export those timecards.



Archive messages.




Try at No Additional Charge


If you would like to experience the comprehensive features and capabilities of pdvConnect from AT&T Pro version, contact your AT&T Account Manager to begin your 30-day no-charge trial. Your account manager will fulfill your 30-day trial request and, in turn, you’ll be contacted by Pacific Data Vision’s Care Team to begin onboarding and training. Rest assured that at the end of the 30-day trial period, you will not be automatically billed for continued service.


For more information, contact an AT&T representative today at 1-800-513-6590.

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Contact an AT&T representative today at 1-800-513-6590 to get started.

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