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Many manufacturers and distributors are turning to real-time wireless data solutions to help streamline the supply chain, provide sales reps with crucial customer information needed to increase sales, and equip drivers and merchandisers with tools to improve their productivity through real-time data communications.


Wireless data solutions from AT&T allow field personnel working in sales, delivery, and merchandising to send and receive information in real time, which means current inventory can be examined, orders can be entered immediately, and goods can be delivered sooner to retail outlets. Results include higher levels of customer satisfaction, greater workplace efficiencies that lower costs, and the potential for improved market share.


AT&T mobile solutions run on a nationwide 4G network* and are backed up by enterprise-grade service and support.


Find out today how AT&T's customized, industry-specific applications can help you streamline your mobile sales, service, and support initiatives.


AT&T's Expertise


AT&T works with some of the world's largest food and beverage manufacturers to implement wireless data solutions that improve their sales and delivery processes. Our first-hand experience with these companies, together with in-depth research into consumer goods sales and delivery models, have helped identify which business processes benefit most from wireless enablement. By analyzing your company's individual needs using our ROI tool, we can help to design the most efficient mobile data solution for your company with quantifiable benefits occurring typically within six to twelve months.



Benefits for VP Sales**


  • Providing sales reps, merchandisers, and delivery people with wireless access to critical information and applications reduces administrative time and expenses and can result in meaningful improvements to your bottom line
  • Bottlenecks caused by delays in communicating orders or returns are greatly reduced as deliveries can be staged throughout the day, avoiding spikes in the supply chain that require extra staffing at peak times and overtime pay
  • With order and inventory information always accessible, sales reps can be far more responsive to customer needs, tracking orders and answering questions on the spot, which increases customer satisfaction
  • Accurate, real-time information from the field, gathered in an efficient manner, reduces the amount of excess inventory and Out of Stock instances in the field, resulting in improved revenues
  • Instantly locate field personnel and dispatch efficiently to customer with immediate product delivery or merchandising needs
  • More accurate short- and long-range planning by high-level managers is made possible due to the use of real-time data in reports used for product planning and marketing


Benefits for Chief Information Officer**


  • The AT&T network offers unmatched coverage, reliability, and availability
  • Wide range of third party security options to enhance privacy and confidentiality
  • GSM/GPRS Next Generation network is a global standard so your solution can work for your evolving needs in the U.S. and across borders
  • Facilitate roaming with seamless handoffs between cellular networks in the field and Wi-Fi networks in your facilities 
  • Dedicated enterprise support center 
  • Broad network of system integration providers to assist in enabling your legacy infrastructure


Benefits for Delivery People, Managers, Merchandisers & Sales Reps**


  • Managers who have access to timely order and inventory data are better able to manage staff, fleet, inventory, and warehouse space
  • With real-time inventory information available to sales reps, orders can be taken with total confidence that there is adequate stock in inventory or, if goods cannot be delivered right away, the customer can be advised when delivery may be expected, resulting in higher levels of customer satisfaction and stronger customer relationships
  • Increased job satisfaction with real-time access to critical information and increased efficiency
  • Decrease amount of time spent reconciling promotional spend and invoice errors and spend more time selling and merchandising
  • The ability to verify credit/account status from the field helps avoid customer dissatisfaction while protecting against potential fraud
  • Eliminate the time and travel costs associated with batch synchronization for workers who enter data electronically in the field and return to the distribution center to place device in a cradle to synchronize



How can you maximize the return on investment (ROI) for your company's specific business processes?  Ask an AT&T business expert.


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