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The Challenge for Insurance Companies


In the highly competitive insurance industry, providing financial expertise and operational excellence are critical to developing differentiated value to customers. AT&T works with insurance carriers to provide compelling mobile solutions for their strategic initiatives, including:


  • Enterprise mobility for insurance professionals
    • Claims adjusters
    • Insurance advisors
    • Insurance wholesalers
  • Business continuity solutions
  • Compliance management


Improve Productivity with Mobile Enterprise Data


Wireless solutions powered by AT&T provide mobile insurance professionals with the ability to process policy applications and claims, collaborate on solutions, and provide excellence in customer service. AT&T collaborates with clients to provide mobility solutions for:


  • Claims Adjusters: Enable claims adjusters with claim processing tools on a laptop or mobile device, location-based services for improved dispatching, resource management, and turn-by-turn navigation, and embedded cameras for pictures or live video to provide visual detail in a claim
  • Insurance Advisors/Sales Agents: Complete policy applications, manage policy information, capture client profiles and fact finders, and track progress on underwriting
  • Insurance Wholesalers: Effectively manage distribution and prospecting activities with past performance, rep and customer preference information, and the ability to deliver on commitments from the road


Enhance Risk Management and Business Continuity Plans


Risk managers and business continuity teams are looking for options to streamline their organization’s preparedness. AT&T provides a variety of wireless solutions for optimizing business continuity strategies with solutions for:


  • Risk Managers—Gain access to business continuity plans, track and dispatch people and assets, collaborate, and communicate broadly or to specific audiences on a mobile device
  • Remote Field Office Networking—Access enterprise applications and communications tools by laptop or mobile device in remote field offices
  • Branch-data backup—In the event of wireline connectivity interruptions, branch-data backup solutions with wireless wide area network (WWAN) provides broadband connectivity for priority applications


Address Compliance Requirements


FINRA regulations now require investment firms to archive all multi channel mobile communications including email, SMS, MMS, webmail, IM, and pin-to-pin. One option is to enforce policies by blocking functionality. However this option often is found to reduce the effectiveness of mobile devices, impact user satisfaction, and block popular communications for collaboration and business continuity.


AT&T works with compliance managers to identify solutions that address company policies and industry regulations while providing the full functionality of their mobility investment. Compliance management solutions can address the following objectives:


  • FINRA regulations
  • Sarbanes Oxley
  • Message archiving and review
  • Real-time ethical wall enforcement


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