AT&T mHealth Platform

AT&T mHealth Platform

Rapidly Build Integrated mHealth Solutions

The AT&T mHealth Platform is an integrated suite of mobile healthcare products and offerings that enables developers and enterprises to rapidly develop, launch, and scale enterprise and patient-centric healthcare solutions. Our solutions are targeted toward organizations that depend on the secure and timely exchange of healthcare data to implement their business models, including health insurers, pharmaceuticals, pharmacies, pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), hospitals, and physicians.



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Open Platform for Building Healthcare Solutions

More than a set of tools and services, the AT&T mHealth Platform provides you with a trusted environment for sharing application data across healthcare enterprises, patients, and clinical professionals. The mHealth Platform is a highly secure environment designed to meet HIPAA and HITECH security and privacy requirements.


By providing you with a comprehensive infrastructure for sharing healthcare information, the mHealth Platform can help free vital data from the multitude of proprietary silos that currently stifle collaboration and creativity, and limit knowledge. It does so based on a very simple concept: creating a trusted environment with integrated access to powerful mobility development tools and common back-end enablers.


Enterprise-Grade Application Environment

Consumers and clinical professionals alike are increasingly turning to mobile devices to help track and manage healthcare outcomes. There are more than 17,000 mHealth applications available in the major app stores today. By 2015, it's projected that there will be 500 million mHealth application users worldwide1.


Existing applications are often restricted in their ability to access and share relevant information, and offer limited functionality. Significant capital costs and technological hurdles have further prevented the development of interconnected mHealth applications, resulting in data-siloed applications that more closely resemble standalone electronic log books.


We believe that mHealth data should flow virtually seamlessly across applications, that it should be stored in a highly secure manner, and that it should link to the enterprise back-end systems of physician practices, hospitals, health insurers, and PBMs.


Data Storage

At the heart of the AT&T mHealth Platform is a cloud-based data storage environment that is designed to meet HIPAA requirements, and has received HITRUST certification—one of the highest security standards in healthcare IT. All information that flows through the AT&T mHealth Platform can either be tagged against specific user-defined identities or stored anonymously. The platform provides data storage with API access, along with access to solutions that scale along the growth trajectory of your business.


Platform Enablers

The AT&T mHealth Platform offers developers open access to a variety of useful tools that speed application development while simultaneously helping to reduce cost. For example, you can use our SDK and API gateway to access identity management tools, and query data from linked healthcare IT databases, connected healthcare peripherals, or across linked applications. Furthermore, our integration engine supports multiple protocols for integration with legacy healthcare IT systems, enabling the creation of innovative “mash up” applications and even personalized PHR interfaces.


Potential Benefits

AT&T mHealth Platform provides value to healthcare enterprises, medical device manufacturers, independent software vendors, and end users alike.


Potential benefits include:

  • Highly secure cloud-based data storage solution with API access.
  • Access to a growing ecosystem of integrated solutions.
  • Instant access to a highly scalable infrastructure from AT&T.
  • Rapid, low-cost development of connected applications.
  • Ability to integrate with different carriers, devices, and platforms.


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