AT&T Remote Patient Monitoring Solutions

Remote Patient Monitoring


AT&T Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) solutions use connected devices to collect biometric data from sick or at-risk individuals outside of the clinical environment, and share that data with a designated clinician or caregiver, such as yourself. Bluetooth®-enabled devices provide you with accurate, near real-time biometric data about your participants (patients) between visits. Remote patient-monitoring solutions can help you decrease hospitalizations, increase participant satisfaction, and improve participants’ ability to self-manage conditions.


Potential Benefits

  • Improves participant engagement, outcomes, and satisfaction
  • Provides actionable data, advanced analytics, and reporting
  • Improves care planning and delivery
  • Reduces readmissions and inpatient days for high-risk participants*


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AT&T Remote Patient Monitoring Solutions – End-to-End Product Brief

AT&T Remote Patient Monitoring Solutions – Software as a Service Product Brief

AT&T Remote Patient Monitoring Solutions – Comparison Chart


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RPM - SaaS  RPM – End-to-End    

AT&T Remote Patient Monitoring – Software as a Service (RPM – SaaS) is a cloud-based service that automates post-discharge care through interactive mobile medical devices. These Bluetooth®-connected medical devices collect data from participants in near real time and transmit it to designated clinicians and caregivers, like yourself, through a cloud-based system. Participants can receive automated coaching and reminders through the provided interactive tablet devices. You can proactively monitor your participants' status with the easy-to-use, highly secure online portal. Using RPM – SaaS, you can share data with multiple hospital care teams, manage care plans, and integrate data with personalized clinician workflows.



  • Automated monitoring through individualized care plans
  • Interactive, user-friendly tablets for participants to provide vitals
  • Caregiver-initiated video conferencing with participants using tablets
  • Highly-secure portal designed to support HIPAA compliance


Important Information

AT&T Remote Patient Monitoring – End-to-End (RPM – End-to-End) provides an RPM-trained field technician to set up and train participants on accurate use of the service, and manage their monitoring devices. This solution also provides a 24/7 Care Center staffed by nurses who monitor and triage alerts triggered by the in-home monitoring devices, based on each participant’s individualized care plan. The Care Center resources help minimize false positive alerts, enabling the customer to focus on truly actionable alerts. RPM – End-to-End brings together the leading RPM healthcare solutions in one package with a single point of contact, providing you with greater efficiency and more effective communication.



  • In-home delivery and setup of connected peripheral medical devices
  • Pickup and refurbishment of devices at the end of the participant engagement
  • Triage by a nurse-staffed Care Center, 24/7
  • Single point of contact for you and your participants


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