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Distinguish your company through greater customer satisfaction.

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The Challenge for Telecommunications Companies


The 1996 Telecommunications Act opened the doors for anyone to enter the communications business. To survive in this environment, companies must distinguish themselves through greater customer satisfaction and improved efficiencies.


Meeting the Demands of Telecommunications Companies


Wireless access has become a competitive necessity for cable, satellite TV, telecommunications, and internet service companies in order to meet Service Level Agreements (SLAs), streamline communications and dispatch, reduce costs, and increase repair technician efficiency.


While the need for private networks was justified in the past, telecommunications companies are now recognizing the benefits gained when moving to a public network.


AT&T recognizes the significant investments that were made in private networks and proprietary applications. We also understand the importance of maintaining your private radio solution for certain emergency situations.


AT&T's Expertise


With our expertise in wireless, and the years of experience that our hardware, software, and system integration providers bring, we'll assist in determining the areas in which to deploy wide-area wireless solutions and build upon the experiences of other AT&T customers in the Telecommunications market.


Innovative Solutions for the Telecommunications Industry


The combination of the AT&T GSM™ /GPRS Next Generation network, devices such as ruggedized handhelds, notebooks or tablets, and leading wireless software applications allow repair technicians to quickly download work orders to their wireless devices throughout the day, complete work during the first visit, and upload work order completion details all in real-time.


Benefits for VP of Field Operations & VP Sales*


  • Increase ROI by deploying wireless solutions that expand existing applications and processes
  • Lower costs of doing business
  • Increase amount of work orders completed per repair technician per day
  • Improve management reporting
  • Reduce administrative duplication, errors, paper handling, and associated costs
  • Increase revenue by increasing number of work orders processed
  • Reduce customer churn in an increasingly competitive market


Benefits for CIO or IT managers*


  • Rapid deployment
  • Dedicated enterprise support center
  • The AT&T GSM/GPRS Next Generation network offers unmatched coverage
  • Replace old, proprietary back-office technologies
  • Lower communications replacement costs
  • Lower support and maintenance costs
  • Wide range of third party security options to enhance privacy and confidentiality
  • GSM/GPRS Next Generation network is a global standard so your solution can work for your evolving needs
  • Broad network of system integration providers to assist in enabling your legacy infrastructure


Benefits for Repair Technicians*


  • Eliminate travel to office—respond to work orders while in the field
  • Increase number of work orders completed per day
  • Download and upload work orders, faster with greater accuracy
  • Make informed decisions while in the field
  • Connect with intranet and corporate information while away in the field
  • Rapid onsite billing and payment from customers
  • Improve customer experience and service
  • Increase job satisfaction with access to the information needed while at customer sites



How can you maximize the return on investment (ROI) for your company's specific business processes?  Ask an AT&T business expert


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