Telenav Asset Tracker

Telenav Asset Tracker AT720


Put the precision of GPS tracking to work for your business to get the most out of your field equipment and portable assets.


Easily Locate and Track Your Equipment and Other High-Value Assets


Increase your visibility into the field to help maximize the utilization of your resources. Enhanced by the capabilities of Telenav’s award- winning, Web-based mobile resource management application, Telenav Asset TrackerTM reports the exact location of any item you attach it to virtually continuously.


It's ideal for businesses that need to locate and track heavy machinery like front-end loaders or hydraulic lifts; generators, compressors, landscaping or rental equipment; and even urgent or expensive shipments.


An Essential Tool to Manage Your Business More Efficiently


Business owners can better ensure that their assets are properly utilized in the field. Easily locate the nearest piece of equipment to a specific job site, reducing downtime and expensive transportation costs. Reduce unnecessary equipment rentals and minimize late charges by making sure that items are returned on time.


Gain added peace of mind by knowing that your equipment is where it’s supposed to be. Losses associated with theft, unauthorized use, or vandalism can be reduced through automatic alerts when movement is detected outside of business hours, geofence boundaries are violated, or by other customizable triggers like stops and speeding.


Power at Your Fingertips


More than just points on the map, Telenav Asset Tracker from AT&T includes powerful features like customizable landmarks, geofences, and alert reporting that allow you to closely track your resources in the field.


View a detailed breadcrumb report, giving you an accurate record of the moves your asset or equipment has made. View reports on stops, mileage, and other alert events, and download them into Adobe PDF or Microsoft Excel formats for expanded analysis.


Simple, Cost Effective, and Easy to Use


Telenav's Asset Tracker is a small, battery-powered device and requires absolutely no installation. Forget lockboxes, black boxes, or other complicated implementations. Telenav Asset Tracker is water-resistant, rugged, and ready to go at the touch of a button.


The application is 100 percent Web-based, there’s no need to purchase any costly software or servers. In addition, Telenav provides 24/7 live customer service.




  • Visibility — Track equipment, vehicles, heavy machinery cargo, shipments, and more
  • Asset Utilization   Locate equipment closest to job sites, reduce transportation costs and downtime, and more
  • Property Protection — Reduce theft, vandalism, and unauthorized use through automatic alerts
  • Simple and Easy to Use — Portable, with nothing to install or configure




  • Location Tracking — Configurable and virtually continuous
  • Alerts for stops, speeding, geofences, and more
  • Hot key alert
  • Reports — Mileage, breadcrumbs, and more


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