Telenav Vehicle Tracker

Track and manage your vehicles in real-time.

Telenav Vehicle Tracker™ enables companies of all types and sizes to easily and effectively monitor and manage valuable fleet vehicle assets.


Tools for today's dynamic business environment


Change is perhaps the one constant in today's transportation industry. Technology and equipment have improved. Fuel prices are frequently changing. The nation's roads and bridges are constantly under repair. And the regulatory environment in which the transportation industry operates has been dramatically altered. With the right technology, transportation companies can withstand these changes.


Manage and protect valuable fleet vehicles 


Need accurate location information at your fingertips? Want important details about your vehicles and drivers like speed, prolonged stops, and more? The Telenav Vehicle Tracker has a secure, password-protected web-command console that allows you to view the status of the entire fleet in near real-time, improving control over your fleet to ensure driver compliance. Telenav Vehicle Tracker combines the latest advances in GPS, wireless and Web technologies to make mobile workforce and asset management an affordable reality for businesses of all sizes.


Telenav Vehicle Tracker gives you the power to:


  • Improve visibility—Know where your fleet vehicle and customer shipments are with near real-time updates on a Web-based map
  • Reduce fleet mileage—Use breadcrumb history and location information to optimize fleet utilization, reducing mileage and wear and tear on fleet vehicles as much as 19%*
  • Save on fuel—Slash fuel costs by an average of 13.2%*
  • Increase workforce utilization—Near real-time location information, optimized routing and improved accountability leads to improved workforce utilization, reducing your operating costs
  • Ensure driver compliance—Detailed reporting helps to ensure that drivers are compliant with company policies
  • Increase security—By having a covert, hard-wired GPS device in the vehicle at all times
  • Improve customer service—With accurate fleet location information and estimated arrival times, you can provide customers with better service


Integration capable 


Telenav Vehicle Tracker can be integrated with many software applications commonly found in businesses today, such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, work order, or delivery dispatch systems, and others.




Telenav Vehicle Tracker is available at a low monthly fee to provide peace of mind at a reasonable cost.


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