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The Challenge for Transportation Companies


Fuel costs continue to rise, margins tighten, driver wages and turnover increase, regulations intensify—all contributing to increased competitive pressure in the transportation industry.


AT&T's Expertise


AT&T transportation customers have improved fleet management efficiency, proof of delivery and driver productivity. AT&T solutions positively impact operations by improving the key business processes that drive the business: dispatching, routing, tracking and reporting.


Innovative Solutions for the Transportation Industry


The AT&T wireless network, together with certified hardware and software providers and experienced systems integrators, enables deployment of efficient, cost-effective mobile solutions with national coverage throughout North America.


AT&T technology makes Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) affordable and practical for regional carriers as well as smaller fleets. In addition, AT&T field service automation empowers companies to be more efficient and responsive to their customers.


Benefits for Business Managers*


  • Reduce losses through real-time tracking
  • Contain and reduce operating costs
  • Maximize driver productivity
  • Improve regulatory compliance
  • Increase efficiency through data capture and reduced paperwork
  • Reduce administrative duplication, errors, paper handling, and associated costs
  • Reduce fuel costs through efficient vehicle routing
  • Enable vehicle maintenance and breakdown avoidance
  • Accelerate sales cycle with faster customer delivery and payment
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Increase job satisfaction and reduce driver turnover

Benefits for CIO or IT Managers*


  • Implement a scalable solution to replace aging proprietary legacy systems—without interruption
  • Dedicated enterprise support center
  • The AT&T network offers unmatched coverage
  • Wide range of third-party security options to enhance privacy and confidentiality
  • AT&T has deployed wireless on the GSM family of technologies including GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, and HSPA— representing more than 85 percent of global mobile customers
  • Broad network of system integration providers to assist in enabling your legacy infrastructure

Benefits for Drivers/Dispatchers*


  • More time driving, less time waiting
  • Real-time communications eliminates unnecessary stops
  • Real-time tracking increases accuracy
  • Wireless data transactions reduce paperwork
  • Improve customer satisfaction by better answering inquiries and meeting changing customer priorities
  • Increased job satisfaction


*Not all benefits apply to available wireless solutions and actual benefits may vary by company.


How can you maximize the return on investment (ROI) for your company's specific business processes?  Ask an AT&T business expert


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