Wholesale Distribution

Boost margins and operational efficiency with innovative wireless solutions.

Improve productivity and revenues by enabling sales executives to update contact information, check inventory, and submit orders from the road in real-time. Efficiently dispatch and track fleet operations while capturing delivery information at the point of interaction.


The Challenge for Wholesalers and Distributors


Streamlining all aspects of the supply chain, including receiving, sales, and distribution, is critical to winning business and keeping margins healthy in the global economy. For manufacturers and wholesalers that means reacting quickly to customer needs and finding innovative ways to lower carrying costs.


Mobile Solutions Improve Productivity and Profitability


Wireless impacts each aspect of the supply chain from production to sale to delivery. Sales representatives who have access to up-to-the-minute customer information are better prepared for a customer call and can review product specification sheets and pricing from the field. They can also track inventory and submit orders directly from a customer's office and send email confirmations directly from their handheld device. All of this translates into more sales and higher customer satisfaction.


What's more, with real-time insight gained from real-time information, field service organizations can operate more efficiently. Distribution departments also benefit from increased control, insight, and accountability gained from wireless fleet and workforce management solutions.


With a broad ecosystem of mobile solutions, AT&T can help distribution and sales managers achieve greater visibility into day-to-day operations thanks to a constant flow of real-time wireless updates.


AT&T Makes Wireless Work For You


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